Climate change aiding spread of crop attacking pests and diseases: study news

Pests and diseases that attack crops are spreading with climate change, according to a study. Researchers from the universities of Exeter and Oxford say the climate change is helping crop pests to move at an average of two miles (3km) a year. According to the team, the pests were heading towards the north and south […]

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New research reveals how cannabis compound could slow tumour growth

Research published on Monday reveals the existence of previously unknown signalling platforms which are responsible for the drug’s success in shrinking tumours. It is expected that the findings could help develop a synthetic equivalent with anti-cancer properties. The research was co-led with the Universidad Complutense de Madridin, Spain. The team used samples of human cancer […]

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Learning Theories Used in Community Health Nursing

Behavioral Use of reinforcement methods to change learners’ behaviors Cognitive Use of sensory input and reputation to change learners’ pattern of thought thereby changing behaviors Critical Use of ongoing discussion and repetition to change learners’ depth of knowledge, thereby changing thinking and behaviors Developmental Use of techniques specific to learners’ development stages to determine readiness […]

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Apex Learning Health Unit 4

exercise Physical activity that is planned, structured, and involves repetitive body movements. low/light physical activity Physical activity that does not increase your heart rate. moderate physical activity Physical activity that gets you up and moving and makes your heart beat faster. Will make you slightly breathless, but you will still be able to talk. vigorous […]

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Health – Nervous System Review Crossword

largest part of the neuron that contains the nucleus cell body sends messages from your brain and spinal cord to muscle cells motor neurons part of the brain that controls actions of muscles and maintains balance cerebellum gap between two neurons synapse nervous system that consists of a network of nerves branching out from the […]

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Chapter 30 Health

A person with HIV will almost always Develop AIDS In suspected cases of HIV infection there are Two phases of testing The ability of the immune system to fight pathogens decreases HIV infects and destroys T-helper cells The first test performed to screen for HIV antibodies is the ELISA A bacterial infection having many similarities […]

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Patient Learning for Health Behavioral Change

Steps in preventive program 1. Assess the patient’s needs 2. Plan for intervention 3. Implementation 4. Perform Clinical Preventives 5. Evaluate progressive changes 6. Plan short- and long-term maintenance The Learning Ladder 1. Unawareness 2. Awareness 3. Self-Interest 4. Involvement 5. Action 6. Habit Assess the patient’s needs – Review all information from: – histories […]

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Leisure Education Programming and Mental Health

1. My philosophy on Leisure Leisure is a term that could have a different meaning for every individual. The general definition of leisure is the portion of an individual’s time that is not directly devoted to work or work-connected responsibilities or to other obligated forms of maintenance or self-care (Kraus 2001). The English word leisure […]

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Special Populations and Exercise Prescription Health

Health and fitness today, are seen to have much more impact on our lifestyles than ever before, with its benefits no longer confined to budding sports enthusiasts and professionals. The use of exercise to improve function, relieve symptoms and maintain a state of well being are a concept which, more so now than ever, have […]

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Health orientated product

My product is a health orientated, functional energy drink, made using a combination of selected herbal extracts and mineral water. It may be described as a health-orientated product as it is fortified with vitamins, which include vitamins B1, B2, and B6, and minerals that include taurine, niacin and inositol. Herbal extracts would include those of […]

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