Climate change aiding spread of crop attacking pests and diseases: study news

Pests and diseases that attack crops are spreading with climate change, according to a study. Researchers from the universities of Exeter and Oxford say the climate change is helping crop pests to move at an average of two miles (3km) a year. According to the team, the pests were heading towards the north and south […]

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New research reveals how cannabis compound could slow tumour growth

Research published on Monday reveals the existence of previously unknown signalling platforms which are responsible for the drug’s success in shrinking tumours. It is expected that the findings could help develop a synthetic equivalent with anti-cancer properties. The research was co-led with the Universidad Complutense de Madridin, Spain. The team used samples of human cancer […]

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Social and Medical Models of Health

It can be suggested that improvements in health are as a result of the technological advancements which have been made in medical science. The medical approach of health focuses predominately on the eradication of illness through systematic diagnosis and effective treatment programmes. In contrast, the social model of health place an emphasis on the changes […]

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The way in which age impacts on peoples health and well-being in Britain today

In society today people face many challenges in relation to health. This assignment will discuss the way in which age itself impacts on a person’s health and well-being. Ageism has been defined as ‘discrimination against someone on the ground of age’ (Watson, 2001).This assignment will look at different age categories focussing on children, young people […]

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Health needs for a chosen individual patient within the community

1. Introduction The aim of the report is to critically analyse the assessment of health needs for a chosen individual patient within the community. The rationale for this is to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and practical links in caring for individuals in the community. The definition of community will be discussed and the […]

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How and why does carbohydrate consumption affect mood and memory

It is commonly believed that ingestion of carbohydrate greatly affects an individual’s mood and cognition. One early theory proposed by Fernstrom and Wurtman (1971) suggested that the consumption of carbohydrate alters the balance of amino acids in the blood, which in turn causes an increase in serotonin, which is known to influence and modulate mood. […]

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What complementary and alternative therapies have to offer mental health service users/survivors

This essay will begin by looking at the meaning of complementary and alternative therapies; as the name suggests, complementary therapies usually complement or work alongside mainstream medicine while alternative therapies offer treatments that can replace orthodox medical treatment altogether. Complementary and alternative therapies which are often abbreviated to CAMs include approaches to health that are […]

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Тational policies relate to principles of health promotion

In the United Kingdom today, many health promotion units have been incorporated into Health Improvement Directorates, within Primary Care Trusts. These are in the main led by Directors of Public Health. In some cases, this has created a tension, particularly where health promotion specialists perceive public health as having a medical agenda which is far […]

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The major health concerns for Asian and African descent individuals and communities in the UK

The discussion of health concerns in relevance to those who are of African or Asian descent living in the UK is one with many underlying issues. There are many different perspectives people may take on the issue depending on their own experiences and to a degree their upbringing. For example somebody from a white middle-class […]

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Health before the NHS in 1945

Not so long ago there was a time before the NHS when health care was something you didn’t get so easily. Poor families would have to pay 121/2 -13p, which is the equivalent nowadays to £10, nowadays (unless you go privately) it costs nothing just to see a doctor. If you could afford to pay […]

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