Hazard Evaluation

Over the years now, construction has become the leading investment. It has brought in millions of dollars in the economy and boosted it to great heights. There is no doubt that this is not stopping soon. Business men are investing in real estate and skyscrapers used as business premises. Research shows that construction is rapidly […]

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Identifying Hazards in a Care Setting

At Ormiston House there are a number of hazards. These are hazards towards staff, residents and visitors. The hazards equipment hazards, waste hazards, environment hazards, physical hazards, security, hazards, medical hazards. These could all contribute to causing harm to a person’s health. There are a number of hazards to the residents such as: 1. Front […]

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How Duty of Care Contributes to the Safeguarding or Protection of Individuals

Risk Assessments – carrying out and reviewing risk assessments for all of the activities we do and places we visit ensures that thought and concern is given to how we do things every day, this way I ensure risks concerning equipment, venues and activities are minimised and therefore reducing the risk of injury or harm […]

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Hazards Associated with Ports

A port is a location on a coast or shore containing one or more harbors where ships can dock and transfer people or cargo to or from land. Port locations are selected to optimize access to land and navigable water, for commercial demand, and for shelter 3from wind and waves. Ports often have cargo-handling equipment, […]

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I have been involved in identifying hazards in my setting, such as in the water play area, the children accidently spilling water on the floor from splashing the water out of the water bowl whilst playing with the fishing set. Also from trying to experiment with pouring and filling their cups at snack time. Therefore, […]

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Environmental Hazards

Environmental hazards consist of cultural, biological, physical, and chemical hazards (Wright, Boorse, 2014). With a wide array of other hazards in each category there is plenty to choose from and makes one wonder why we continue to survive among so many potential hazards. I will be focusing on one type of hazard from each category […]

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