Harry Potter Reveals Discrimination

The novel is filled with humorous tales of discrimination in and around the school. There are many characters in the novel, and they do not always get along well. They make fun of each other and judge each other by a certain set of standards. Some of these standards include wealth, intelligence, family and athletic […]

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Harry Potter Fans Community and Value Creation

Harry Potter has enjoyed immense popularity over the last thirteen years. Nearly all people are aware of the wizard boy’s name— Harry Potter, even those who have not ever read the books or watch the films. Harry Potter has grown into a powerful brand quickly, which provides consumers with functional, social and experiential values that […]

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Desolation Row

Harry Potter had died at his mercy. The boy who lived was an idiom that would soon be forgotten, the boy who lived would be known as an inept child who couldn’t fulfil the wants of the filthy mudbloods who claimed to be ‘one of them’. Hitherto Harry Potter was seen as the beacon of […]

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On Learning More the Hard Way

One thing that young people share since time immemorial is that fact that they always stick to their decisions once made up even though they know that most of the time their decisions tend to make them vulnerable for more mistakes. However, stubbornness as we normally describe a teenager’s behavior on many situations that confront […]

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An Exploration in Equality: Racism an Slavery in the Magical World of Harry Potter

Slavery and Racism, as contributing factors to human history, are frequent themes in literature across the globe. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series is littered with references to slavery and racism, as well as related topics. The story is told as a seven-part saga, focusing on Harry’s life in the wizarding school Hogwarts. Harry is a […]

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Blockbuster Exhibitions: A Case Study

The contemporary blockbuster exhibit, which emerged in the museum world in the late twentieth century, has become increasingly popular among museums in the past few decades. Defined by Albert Elsen as a “large-scale loan exhibition which people who normally don’t go to museums will stand in line for hours to see,” these exhibits produce mass […]

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Cultural Impact of Batman and Harry Potter

The film industry has continued to evolve in many facets from genre to effects to even the very narrative that inspires films today. While not an entirely new occurrence, films today are more and more inspired by existing material ranging from text, video games, or even previous adaptations, leading to the phrase “reboot”. This new […]

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Harry Potter and the Consumerism of Azkaban

It gets interesting when you examine the Harry Potter series through the aspect of commodity culture within the franchise. In her article, Harry Potter and the Technology of Magic, Elizabeth Teare aims to illustrate to her readers that while J. K. Rowling tends to poke fun at consumer culture in her novels, she takes equal […]

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Harry Potter

The Themes,Motifs and Symbols of Harry potter and the Scorers Stone. Throughout the British novel Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone there are many themes , motifs and symbols that show up as the novel progresses from chapter to chapter. Which was written by J. K Rowling in mid nineteen- ninety seven about a boy […]

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Public Relations and Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has proven itself as a multimedia and financial success. As proven by the anticipation and speculation with each of the series’ book release, many customers have developed a personally involved with the story and its characters. With the completion of the series, the challenge for the franchise is to sustain interest […]

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