The Harmful Effects Of Smoking A Cigarette

The Harmful Effects Of Smoking a Cigarette The harmful effects of smoking are: Lung Cancer Smoking accounts for about 80-90% of all chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic mucus secretion, and chronic air flow blocks. Smoking is involved in 85% of all lung cancer deaths. An individual with chronic bronchitis, which is caused by smoking, […]

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Dreaming is not Harmful

“Drown” is a collection of ten short stories by Junot Diaz that tell the story of Dominicans living in abject poverty in their motherland and later transferring to the United States in search of a better life. The ten short stories cover the lives of an extended Dominican family back in their home country as […]

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What are the health risks to the general occupants? What if these occupants smoke cigarettes?

Asbestos is a material widely used in many industrial and construction purposes. They are frequently used in floor as ceiling tiles, as insulation boards, and in cements. In most cases, these are very dense but may release fibers if the products are damaged or disturbed, e.g., cut or broken (Health Canada, 2007).

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