How does the opening sequence of halloween establish genre and build suspense for the audience

Halloween was shot in 21 days in the spring of 1978. It became a huge hit and was the highest-grossing independent film ever made at that time, with a budget of only $300,00. Halloween was directed by John Carpenter, who at that time was a little known director. This film shot John Carpenter to fame. […]

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The History of Halloween and How it is Presented Nowadays

The idea of Halloween started with the Celts, who celebrated the “End of Summer” on October the 31st. This occurrence was referred to as “Samhain Time”. People believed that around this time maddened fairies and monsters lurked in the woods, freezing and killing off plants that hadn’t been harvested and abducting villagers. It was also […]

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A Halloween To Remember

It was a cold Halloween night. The full moon was shining on the lifeless trees casting shadows on our path as we walked. A cool breeze was blowing the leaves across the forest floor. I was pretty safe, walking with a six-foot muscular man called Tom. The narrow path we walked on would take us […]

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Halloween vs Day of the Dead

Halloween, a day of dressing in costumes, going door to door collecting candy and other treats. Watching scary movies going to “haunted” houses and traditional activities in fall such as hayrides, and even “haunted” hayrides. (True History of Halloween, 2008) We will be exploring a few different variations of Halloween. One from a religious view […]

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