Gymnastics’ Effects on the Body: Are They Good or Bad?

Every avid watcher of the Summer Olympics can’t help but notice a few things about the body types of both male and female gymnasts. They tend to be small in stature, very compact and muscular, and unusually low in body fat. Most of us just assume that these characteristics are just side effects of the […]

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Gymnastic Events For Male Gymnasts

There are several exercises and events that are specifically ascribed to males in gymnastics. Floor exercises are one of the most common forms of exercises when it comes to male gymnasts. As a part of the floor exercises, male gymnasts are also known to perform on a spring floor wherein they will perform in order […]

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Shawn Johnson Returning for 2012 Summer Olympics

U.S. Olympics fans were treated to a bit of surprising but welcome news this week as gymnast Shawn Johnson announced that she will enter qualification for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Why is this such good news? Well, there are lots of reasons. First of all, as we all learned while watching the 2008 […]

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Standards Used For Scoring In Gymnastics

Every gymnast dreams of landing the best possible score. This is something that can be a real challenge to do though. This comes from how the standards work for scoring in this sport. The score that one can get will vary depending on two important factors. These are the difficulty of the routine that is […]

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Womens Events In Gymnastics

There are typically four women events in artistic gymnastics. These include Vault, Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise and Balance Beam. In case of vaulting events, the woman gymnast will generally use a runway which is generally 25 meter long and will jump into a springboard or a beat board. A sprinting down movement of the gymnast […]

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The Standard Moves In Gymnastics

The most important feats that have been recognized in Olympics are the Gymnastic moves. People are keenly interested to watch the different males and female gymnasts perform even the greatly complicated moves with much ease. There are several gymnastic moves. Some of the standard ones include aerials, forward somersault, front and back handspring, Salto, and […]

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Rings Used In Gymnastics

One of the apparatus that is especially useful in artistic gymnastics is the rings. The other name that is generally used for the rings is still rings. The use of the rings is generally made by the male gymnasts in most of the circumstances. This is because for handling this apparatus, one of the pre-requisites […]

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Gymnastics World Championships may be Moved

After the world championships for figure skating was postponed and eventually transferred away from Tokyo after the series of natural calamities in the form of an earthquake and a tsunami, the world championships for gymnastics, scheduled in October, may be the next event to be affected. A decision is expected to be made by the […]

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The Different Types of Gymnastics

Broadly speaking, there are primarily two types of gymnastics. These are Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics. There is a further classification of the Artistic Gymnastics as Women’s and Men’s Gymnastics. There are six types of events that are categorically involved in Men’s Gymnastics. These are Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars and […]

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Gymnastics Assignment

Construct and rationalise a coaching methodology for developing and performing: a) Front Somersault Tucked b) Handspring Vault Gymnastics is a sport that been around since before the first set of Olympics. The early Romans and Greeks practiced forms of Gymnastics to obtain flexibility and physical fitness. The physics of Gymnastics are dependent on the manoeuvres […]

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