Great Britain

To what extent is British Conservatism still committed to ‘the free market and the strong state’

Andrew Gamble was the political theorist who first argued that the dual character of Thatcherism was ‘a commitment to the free market and the strong state’. At present, the Conservative Party is trying, or at least should be trying, to shake off the legacy left to it by Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Margaret Thatcher […]

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Constitutional and Administrative Law

Britain has no written constitution or comprehensive Bill of Rights, and is found partly in conventions and customs and partly in statutes. Conventions are rules and practices which are not legally enforceable but are regarded as indispensable to the working government; many which are derived from the historical events through which the British government has […]

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Multicultural Britain

Populations’ resettlements are not new. People are driven to relocate between countries and regions for many reasons including work, study, harsh local conditions, persecution, discrimination, and even because of a pure sense of adventure. Many migrants move from poor countries to richer ones, this creates a balance or net-migration1. Immigration has been proceeding for years, […]

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British Government and the Constitution

A slight problem with attempting to discuss the British constitution is that Britain doesn’t have a constitution, not in any traditional sense. In fact, what Britain does have are aged customs, traditions, man-made religious beliefs and a kind of indoctrinated attempt at moral law. Britain is not, in a strict sense, a democracy. Britain is, […]

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The popular myth of the Battle of Britain quickly emerged during the early part of the War

It was obvious that after France surrendered to Hitler on 17th June, Britain would be the next victim of the Blitzkrieg, but the Dunkirk evacuation, which was seen by the British public as a victory, enabled the Allies to prepare themselves for war. It is said that Hitler did not have big intentions on invading […]

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Why Britain was able to continue to hold between June 1940 and the end of 1943

There were many reasons in why Britain was able to hold out against Germany in the battle of Britain for so long with no allies, but the main reason was that they maintained air superiority. To maintain air superiority Britain developed a system called “Chain-Home”. This was a system of aerial defences, which had been […]

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The Social Structure of Britain was totally destroyed during the Battle of Britain

During the period between 1939 and 1945, a ferocious and deadly war was being fought between two super powers, Great Britain and Germany. Germany had been on a vengeful rampage, threatening to take total control of Europe; only one hurdle remained, Britain. The high command of Germany, Hitler and Goering were confident of a swift […]

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How And Why Did Britain Survive The War From 1940-1943

As you can see from this map war was raging in Europe in 1940 and Britain was in big trouble. Germany appeared unstoppable as the defeat of Poland had taken just under a month in September 1939 by using their new Blitzkrieg tactics in which tanks would converge in one big group and punch a […]

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To What Extent Was British Foreign Policy A Success In The Years 1865 To 1872

While Gladstone was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Palmerston, he was greatly opposed to Palmerston’s aggressive foreign policy, including the use of ‘gunboat diplomacy’ to protect British interests and vaunt British naval superiority. As such, Gladstone pursued a policy of peace and understanding in foreign affairs. One interpretation of this approach to foreign affairs is […]

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Britain’s Imperial Policies

There has been much historiography concerning the development of the Cold War and its impact on British imperial policy. The Second World War had drained the nation’s wealth tremendously and a led to a geopolitical transformation where instead of Germany challenging the British Empire; the Soviet Union was now challenging America for global dominance. However, […]

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