Theretical Grammar

1. The definition of language. The distinction between language and speech. Language as a semiotic system: its functions, elements and structure. Lingual elements (units) as signs. Segmental and supra-segmental lingual units. 2. The levels оf lingual units, their structural and functional features. Hierarchical relations between units of different levels. Language and speech levels. Primary and […]

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Happy ending

In the question above, the key word which you need to understand is ‘meaningfully’ which means ‘full of meaning / purpose / value etc’. Therefore, before you write your essay, make sure your draft has a theme which is centred around a meaningful event / incident / action etc. Plot a story which has a […]

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Grammar translation method

The Grammar translation method, or classical method started when people wanted to read literature written in the target language. Its focus was on grammatical rules, the memorization of vocabulary and of various declensions and conjugations, translations of texts, doing written exercises. Rules of grammar, not the language itself, are all important. Verb declensions are set […]

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Make a list of associations you have with the word “grammar”

Make a list of associations you have with the word “grammar” (They may not all be negative!) •Intimidating, •Frightening, •Confusing, •Diction, •Fascinating. Look at the following sentences and decide which are correct. Write a correct version of the examples that are incorrect. 1. We’ve been looking for you for ages: Correct. 2. I’ve been to […]

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Suspension appeal

The Important of language John Simon, a renowned critic of both the arts and of the proper use of the English language. Some of his accomplishments include a devotion of 40-years as a theater critic at New York Magazine, as well as a regular author of several essays for a language column in Esquire (Simon […]

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