Allah (God)

Islam is the complete submission and obedience to Allah (God). The name Allah (God) in Islam never refers to Muhammad (pbuh), as many Christians may think; Allah is the personal name of God. What do Muslims believe about Allah? 1. He is the one God, Who has no partner. 2. Nothing is like Him. He […]

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City of god

Introduction In my essay I will discuss the differences between national cinema and Hollywood cinema by using Rio de Janeiros famous film City of God. There will be three parts in my following main body, the first part is a simple review of the film City of God, I will try to use the review […]

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Kitchen God’s Wife

Title Amy Tan’s title The Kitchen God’s Wife initially bewildered me, as I acquainted nothing about the Chinese belief in the Kitchen God. Nonetheless, Tan rationally correlates the title to the novel’s contents by almost instantaneously acquainting me with the story behind the Kitchen God and his wife. Citations to the Kitchen God appear throughout […]

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With our view of God, it can sometimes be difficul

t to comprehend the actions and thinking of the Greek deities. The Christian God does not tend to take such an active role in the affairs of people’s lives, where, on the other hand, the Greeks regarded direct involvement by the gods as a daily, uncontrollable part of life. Needless to say, divine intervention was […]

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Aphrodite and Demeter Two Very Different Goddesses

Every culture has some form of higher being, to be a model for their behaviour, as well as to look up to. In Greek times, these were the gods and goddesses who made their home on Mount Olympus. Women identified with the goddesses because they shared some feminine attributes. Goddesses were a symbol of motherhood […]

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Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology

The gods and goddesses that the Greek people believe in make up the Greek mythology studied today. These divine characters represent a family living on Mount Olympus who intervene frequently in the lives of the human characters in Greek plays. They are omnipresent, for they are always observing mans actions and working through human nature. […]

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Zeus the king of the gods

ZEUS, THE KING OF THE GODS Zeus is one of the most ancient gods of the world. His name can be found in other Indo-European nations, except the Greek. Some of those nations are the Indians, the Ombrius and the Latinos. So he must be worshiped at least from 3000 BC. He was brought in […]

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Man Or God?

Zack Price 9-21-00 Michael Jordan: Man or God? They say being on the cover of Sports Illustrated is a jinx, that one is doomed for failure as soon as their image is displayed on the nations most popular sports magazine. It has previously happened to many athletes, and even entire teams have unreasonably dropped off […]

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Gods in the iliad

With our view of God, comprehending the actions and thinking of the Greek deities can sometimes be difficult. The Christian God does not take such an active role in the affairs of people’s lives, where, the Greeks regarded direct involvement by the gods as a uncontrollable part of life. Naturally, divine intervention was a major […]

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God Dies By The Nile

After reading God Dies By The Nile by Nawal El Saadawi one can begin to realize how much different life in the Middle East is in comparison to areas such as China and India which we have studied. The term Middle East refers to South Western Asia and North Eastern AfricaThe Middle east has many […]

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