Globalization and Its Effect On The Caribbean

Globalization refers to the emergence in the twentieth century, of a global community, whereby cultural, economic, environment and political events occurring in communities in one part of the world has quickly come to be significant to people in other societies. The way in which technology has evolved has resulted in an advance in communication, transportation, […]

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How Neo-Liberal Affect Africa through Globalization

Introduction Globalization is defined as the increased interconnectedness of places. However, the dimensions of interconnection vary through time and space. Africa is the most culturally diverse continent in the world. Modern scholars are curious of the fact that socio-economic failures in Africa continue to hold such a wave without considering all political and historical contexts. […]

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Globalization Conditions that Impact Finance in Coca Cola

Globalization conditions that affect finance include things like wages, working conditions, purchasing power of consumers and the presence of substitutes. These factors vary from one country to another and influence significantly the financial standing of any global company. In this case, the Coca Cola Company is a renowned global company that produces and sells soft […]

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The Globalization

Globalization is not a concept that can be simply defined and encompassed within specific timelines. It is neither a process that can be defined unequivocally as the one with a start and end. In addition, it cannot be explained with certainty as well as it is not applicable to all and under all circumstances. It […]

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Soil Erosion Impact

“The increase in human population to a present day level of over six billion is having an impact on the biosphere that is greater than ever before”. The vast amount of impact is greatly due to three major activities including agriculture, industrialization, and urbanisation. Agriculture being one of the major activities contributing to the impact […]

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Will Global Warming lead mass extinction of the World’s species

The biggest threat that the World’s species face is global warming. The amount Global warming has increased due to the expansion of the human population, causing an increase in the amount of factories, transport and the use of the World’s resources. If Global warming does cause mass extinction of the World’s species it will be […]

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Global Warming: a Natural Occurrence

The recent hype in the media has changed many peoples attitudes about the way in which we as humans use and burn up fossil fuels for energy. Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy mainly consisting of coal, oil and gas. Burning fossil fuels increases the risk of global warming by adding carbon dioxide into […]

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How did rubber and tin in the Malay States affect the Singapore economy in its global dimensions

Singapore thrives on its strategic geographical location where lying at the crossroads of main shipping lines, it is one crucial factor that turned it into one of the world’s greatest commercial centre. Other contributory factors such as a strong and stable government, good infrastructure and a transparent legal system could perhaps be traced back to […]

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Economic Effects of Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is the movement of work and talent from a high-cost market to a low-cost market. The process allows organizations to compete most effectively in their chosen markets. The most commonly sourced sectors are the manufacturing and service industries. Nations and their businesses involved in global sourcing are seeing fast economic growth. “During the […]

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The socio-economic impacts of globalization on Singapore Report

a) Powered by advances in telecommunications, transportation and finance, globalization empowers consumers to purchase the best the world has to offer and gives producers the tools to find buyers anywhere. This will mostly benefit the white collared workers more as they will have the spending power to take advantage of this. Technology will also be […]

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