What is globalisation

The issue of globalisation is one of the most fiercely debated by academics around the world. The question of what globalisation is can take many answers, with the word defined by UNESCO as, circumstances arising from the changing character of the production, consumption and trade of goods (UNESCO, 2003). Globalisation has different meanings to others, […]

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Understanding Social Changes on Globalisation and Educational Reforms

In recent years, globalisation has become a key concept with which to interpret the enormous economic, political and cultural changes that characterise human society at the beginning of the 21st century (Miriam, H. 2001). The author discusses globalisation and it’s impact on educational change in the article ‘Globalisation And Educational Restructuring’. It is quite beneficial […]

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The Process of Globalisation in the last quarter

The term Globalisation is a highly contoversial one and there are many debates associated with it. One of the key debate is the extent to which it has really taken root or not; is with or without historical precedent. On one hand, people argue that we live in an era that is highly globalised and […]

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What is meant by the Term Globalisation

Globalisation is one of the key ideas in modern politics and international relations and also a main, if not key idea in social sciences. Every discipline has an angle on globalisation from Sociology to Psychology. However is globalisation just another “buzz” word dreamt up by the media, the idea of globalisation is not a new […]

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What is Globalisation

Economic globalisation is, in a sense, the strengthening of the position of capitalism as the prevailing structure of production in contemporary history According to Walters, globalisation is a ‘social process in which the constraints of geography on social and cultural arrangements recede and in which people become increasingly aware that they are receding. ‘ It […]

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Is Globalisation Good for You

The very nature of the question “Is Globalisation Good for You?” is subjective. It is impossible to give this question any single answer since it is invariably dependent on the viewpoint of the ‘observer’. Thus, I will answer this question not just from my perspective – as a resident of a rich MEDC – but […]

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Globalisation is always good

Globalisation can be defined as the increasing interaction among, and integration of, the activities, especially economic activities of human societies around the world (Mussa, 2003). Globalisation is not a new phenomenon. The twentieth century began when the first wave of globalisation was approaching its peak. It has ended on the rising crest of a second […]

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What are the principle advantages of ‘third wave’ globalisation theory

This essay will be examining the question, what are the principle advantages of the third wave globalisation theory and illustrating the answer with examples. It will firstly begin with giving an overview awareness of the first two theories put forward by academics and political literature. These are the globalist approach and the sceptical approach respectively. […]

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What do economists mean by globalisation

Most writers and economist would define globalisation as the increasing interdependence of nations, by the integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, foreign direct investments, short – term capital flow, international flow of workers and increases in advanced technology. This term could define globalisation however; the definition only looks at one part […]

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The strengths and weaknesses of the theory of comparative advantage as a justification for free trade

Globalisation and free trade are surely one of the most commonly banded-about academic terms in the modern or post-modern “common” world, comprising the mass media and the educational curriculum that we are served today. It is glorified and vilified in equal measure by different peoples of different walks of life. It is frequently verified as […]

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