Ghost Soldiers

Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II’s Greatest Rescue Mission written and published by Hampton Sides in 2001. The non-fiction book gives a comprehensive account of the popular raid by the troops drawn from the U.S. Army Ranger Battalion at the Japanese Allied Camp in Cabanatuan, Philippines where well over five hundred prisoners […]

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King Leopold’s Ghost

In the book, King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa, Adams Hochschild explores the European colonization of Africa, being one of the greatest and the quickest in the history of humanity. Before 1870, nearly 80% of sub-Saharan Africa south was administered by indigenous kings, chiefs, as well as other […]

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Many people believe that ghosts are real, they claim they can supply proof that spirits really do exists. There has been many inventions and techniques used to support this theory. Some believe that they can capture the voices of the dead on tape recordings and that changes of temperature in a room are signs of […]

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