Pollution, Traffic, Old People

All countries face certain problems. Our country also will have to face certain problems. The main problems my country will have to face in the next ten years are care of the aged, traffic congestion and pollution. Government with the help of people can introduce some long term measures to solve these problems. The income […]

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Effects of Ageing on Biological, Psychosocial and Biological

1.Introduction Ageing is the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time and is usually mainly seen as a biological process, however there are many other factors that can affect the ageing process such as the psychosocial and behavioral factors. These influence heavily on the aged person and the life they live. If […]

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Economic Struggles of the Elderly

The elderly, or senior citizens, have always been considered a vulnerable population, physically, mentally, and socially. This population faces a variety of problems every day including many economic struggles. Older adults and the elderly are facing many financial challenges that may not have been anticipated. In spite of good planning and sensible living, their resources […]

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Ethical and Legal Issues Affecting Elderly

Loss of rights, victimization, and other grave problems face the person who has made no plans for personal and property management in the event of disability or death. The advice and services of a competent attorney regarding financial and personal issues can preserve future autonomy and self-determination. The nurse as an advocate can encourage the […]

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The Hazard of Elderly Drivers

“The Congress shall have Power…to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States…” (Section 8 [1] United States Constitution). Under the Constitution of the United States of America, government has the ability to implement laws that provide for the general well being of its citizens. Regardless of […]

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Old Age Problems

In India more than 8. 1 crore population is above 60 years of age. Its sums up to 8 percent of the total population of India. Uttar Pradesh has the largest population of senior citizens with 1. 5 crore, followed by Maharastra with 85 Lac, West Bengal with 57 Lac and Bihar with 55 Lac. […]

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Two Theories of Ageing

The Activity Theory was originally an idea that was proposed by Lemon Bengtson &Peterson this proposal was seen to have a much more hopeful and positive view on ageing in comparison to the disengagement theory by Cumming and Henry. The activity theory suggests that as people get older their ageing process will be more successful […]

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Disengagement Theory

This is the first formal theory of aging and it was brought forward by Elaine Cumming and William Henry in 1961, and they looked at how society views older people. During their research they found that older people disengaged from society. They argue that older personnel withdraw from society, for example they stop working/retirement, they […]

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