Big Ideas Math Geometry Chapter 1 Vocabulary

adjacent angle Two angles that share a common vertex and side, but have no common interior points acute angle An angle that has a measure greater than 0⁰ and less than 90⁰ angle bisector A ray that divides an angle into two angles that are congruent angle A set of points consisting of two different […]

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Basic Geometry Vocab

opposite rays two rays that share the same endpoint and extend in opposite directions to form a line supplementary angles two angles whose measurements add up to 180 degrees plane measurable length, measurable width, no measurable depth; named with 3 capital letter (representing the names of the 3 points on the same line) and the […]

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Carnegie Learning, Geometry: Lesson 1.1

plane A flat surface that goes on forever in all directions. It has no edges. point a location in space that has no size or shape but is often represented using a dot line A straight path with no endpoints. It goes on forever in two opposite directions. line segment A part of a line […]

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Geometry A Unit 1: Focus On Success In Geometry

Key Words Ability Active Learner Anxiety Effort Goals Objectives Examine organizational skills and learning strategies. Set goals in the context of mathematical learning. Reflect on strengths, weaknesses, and the value of goal-setting. Distinguish between effort-based and ability-based models of learning. Goals must be? Specific – State exactly what you want to accomplish. Measurable – State […]

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Construction and Geometry

Geometric constructions involve drawing geometric shapes that satisfy certain requirements (onlinemathlearning. com). The main focus in construction is on equidistance and co-linearity. This is done through the use of certain tools namely the compass and the straight edge. It is used to construct angles, planes figures and segments. This mathematical skill is applicable in many […]

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Role of geometry in daily life

Geometry is used to know about all kinds of shapes and their properties in our daily life problems. Plane geometry – It is about all kinds of two dimensional shapes such as lines, circles and triangles. Solid geometry – It is about all kinds of three dimensional shapes like polygons, prisms, pyramids, sphere, cylinder. The […]

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Self Improvement

Point – a dot on a page. A point has no dimensions (length, width, height), it is usually represent by a capital letter and a dot on a page. Think of it as an infinitely small place or position on a map. Line – an unlimited number of points along the same path. The set […]

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