The Carrizo Plain

The Carrizo plain is a large enclosed grassland area that is approximately 50 miles long and 15 miles across. Its location is in California spread between the Kern and San Luis Obispo counties. The Carrizo plains national monument is the single largest native grasslands that remain in California. Its unique ecosystem is home to much […]

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Sequence Stratigraphy

Sequence stratigraphy is a method of stratigraphic interpretation that combines the chronological order of the accumulation of sediments, their stratal architecture and the geometric relationships of their facies to determine depositional setting and predict stratal continuity. The workflow of sequence stratigraphic analysis first identifies the genetic units and bounding surfaces that compose the stratigraphic section […]

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Operation of the Rock Cycle with Reference to the Geology in Hong Kong

Explain the operation of the rock cycle with reference to the geology in Hong Kong. To what extent are the rock types responsible for the deep weathering profile in the territory? Hong Kong is dominated by igneous rocks which granite takes up the largest proportion of 85% of the total land area. The remaining area […]

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