Human Geography Compilation

The study of the spatial arrangement of roads, buildings, and other features constructed by the people who inhabit an area is the study of settlement forms Architecture and style in the cultural landscape are of minor importance to human geographers False. It is believed that a certain plant was domesticated in two different parts of […]

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Basic Concepts of Geography to a Preschool Child

The roundness of the earth can be introduced by showing the globe. Show the child how to carry the globe, two hands on the base. To identify the two elements of the earth’s surface: land and water sand paper globe can be given. It represents the planet earth. Steady the globe with one hand, feel […]

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Coastal Managment Geography Report

Narrabeen is a beachside suburb located on Sydney’s northern beaches with a population of just over 6000 people. It is known for its long stretch of beach, over 3 kilometres, with four beaches on this stretch: North Narrabeen, Narrabeen, South Narrabeen and Collaroy. The Narrabeen coastal environment consists of these beaches as well as the […]

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Geography Tourism in Kenya

A report to show the main negative and positive impacts of tourism in Kenya. Kenya is located in Central Africa and the crystal clear Indian Ocean laps the sandy shores on the eastern edge making the beaches the perfect holiday destination. As well, the equator runs through the middle of the country making it sunny […]

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Darshan – Consequences in image, temple and geography.

The word ‘Darshan’ has come from Sanskrit. In Indian context it means philosophy. It also means to have a look, to view or to become ‘enlightened’. When one has a ‘darshan’ of an image usually in a temple or chapel, it is more than a look. It is a mixed feeling of having a look […]

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Canadian Life Analyzed in Crow Lake

Canada is located on the northern hemisphere of the earth; hence, this country has a very cold environment. One may wonder how different culture is in Canada from the rest of the cold region countries in the world. Interaction with its people is one way of getting to know its culture. Another way is studying […]

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Canadian Geography

I. Introduction Canada is the world’s second largest country. Its territory extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Its vast lands stretch northward into the Arctic Ocean. It shares land borders with the United States to the south and northwest. Canada is a bilingual nation with both English and French as official languages. […]

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Reflection on the Five Themes of Geography

Genoa Township is a central location in Southeastern Michigan to many of the major cities including Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint and the capitol city of Lansing. This township is a bedroom community for many of the major cities. “As of the census of 2010, there are 19,281people, 7,807 households, and 5,647 families residing in the […]

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