Regulations in the Gas and Oil Industry

Ever since the catastrophic Piper Alpha tragedy in 1988, when 167 people died in the fire resulting from an explosion in the rig, significant improvements in health and safety regulations have been enacted (Lloyd, 2007). Despite these developments, 20,000 people employed in the oil and gas industry are still at the risk of being injured […]

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Experiment 5 Solids and Liquids

Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the boiling point of a liquid and the melting point of a solid. We also were able to observe the difference between boiling and melting point Experiment and Observation: We used isopropyl alcohol and set up an experiment to observe the boiling point. We set up […]

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Diesel vs Gas

You’re in the market for a new truck; you have an idea about what you want but not quite sure if you want a gasoline or a diesel engine. Well, gas and diesel engines are very similar yet different in quite a few ways. At first glance, someone who doesn’t know much about either of […]

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Corporate Crime

The large practice of corporate crime in the gas and oil companies has damaged the countrys energy sector while setup of corporate crime control units in the gas and oil companies is straightaway required to save the sector and economy of the country as well. This is the time to restructure our energy policy. Pakistans […]

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Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry

I. Introduction International business is the popular game on the face of the globe today. Businessmen are no longer competing with their neighborhood stores, but also with producers living in exact opposition of their place on earth. These tendencies have take place due to the powerful promotion of capitalism and globalization, and the rapid innovation […]

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Alternative Fuels: Natural Gas, Electricity, and Ethanol

Among all the living species of this planet, humans had successfully dominated the game called “evolution” to become the dominant specie. But it seems that we are not content on just being the most dominant specie in the planet—we want to push things further. We are now viewing the concept of progress as the next […]

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