Should Gambling Be Legalized?

Over the past twenty or so years, great wealth and improved economic and social conditions have been promised to the communities that have embraced legalized gambling. However, with twenty years of experience it is time to look back and analyze whether this is true or not. It could easily be said that gambling is as […]

Persuasive Speech on Gambling

We live in a society where everyone wants a predictable salary, a stable and a dependable one. “No gambling, please”, is what runs through the minds of many individuals. How can anyone waste time and money in this way? They always worry and stay at a recoil (Charles). They never want to gamble with service […]

Should sport gambling really be legalized

The United States of America may loose almost fifty two dollars in revenue over the next decade if the Congress is not going to lift a three-year- ban on internet and tax online gambling according to certain study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. One of the Shanghai courts sentenced twenty people to prison because of running illegal […]

Online Gambling: Should it be Legal in the United States

Online gambling in the United States has a spotty history. The Justice Department has maintained from its inception that online gambling was illegal according to the Wire Act; however, the Department made minimal attempts to enforce gambling on the Internet, stating that it was “unenforceable” at the time the first law, the 1997 Online Gambling […]

Should On-line Gambling Be LegaL

No to internet gambling! No to on-line gambling ban! This is the current opposing scenario that touches internet gambling. Will the current aim prevents or changes the course of action? For the past years, the US Congress has been trying to officially forbid on-line gambling. This act was based on some earlier insolent reports (Stevenson) […]

Memo: Proposed Changes to Casino Control Act

As you have requested, this report discusses the analysis and results of research on tackling social issues of gambling and Casino Control Act. This report details the effectiveness of enacted measures, the possible policy gap and the recommendations. The Government has set up a national framework to tackle problem gambling. Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) and […]

Taxation of Online Gambling

The present paper undertakes an extensive research with regard to the present state of affairs of online gambling in the US and regulation of tax on the income of this industry. This paper looks at this issue from a number of perspectives and reviews the tax regulation acts of 2006, 2007, and 2008. In addition […]

Gambling – the Economy

The subject of gambling has been a hot subject of debate amongst politicians for many years. The concept of people waging something of value for something not guaranteed is something that baffles many non-gamblers. Long before Christopher Columbus discovered North America gambling was practiced quite often amongst Native Americans (Sheppard, 2012). In fact one can […]

Should Gambling Be Legalized

Since the negative consequences of gambling surpass the positive ones gambling should be banned. In fact, there are several reasons that indicate why gambling shouldn’t be legalized comprising debts issues, depression, addiction, and political corruption. Thus the loss accompanying gambling way more exceeds the financial profit that an individual or a group of people might […]

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