My Best Friend

Walt Whitman was an American poet, who was born in 1819 and died in 1892 whose work boldly asserts the worth of the individual and the oneness of all humanity. Whitman’s defiant break with traditional poetic concerns and style exerted a major influence on American thought and literature. Born near Huntington, New York, Whitman was […]

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My Best Friend

Jon is my best friend. He has always been helpful to me. He always helped me do my homework and anything I need help on. Even though he had his own work to do he would spend time helping me. Mostly when I need help doing my math homework he has always been ahead. I […]

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Use of Artifacts in Nonverbal Communication

After going through chapters dedicated to clothes and accessories I became much more attentive to people’s look. I took note of all artifacts I saw at people around me for one day and here want to describe a few of them. First, one of my friends always wears a family ring with his family code […]

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Alien My Friend

Unlike so many children’s of my age, I had an Alien friend. Her name was Sarah; she was everything that I was not. Sarah was a strange looking girl with two antennas like objects popping out of her head over a green colored body. She had an owl like round eyes and had a head […]

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