Copyright and Patent Fraud

by David Lee Roth 12th hon. Government Mr. Pibb January 5, 1998 Roth 1 Today, more than ever before, products, goods, and services are being provided by businesses of all variations. Fewer and fewer people today are self-sufficient. Practically no one today makes his or her own clothes, and some people do not even prepare […]

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This paper will cover the topic of identity theft via the internet, phone and several other schemes. It will identify various ways in which your identity is stolen and ways which you can safeguard yourself from being victimized. I will also report what the Department of Justice is doing and the penalties associated with these […]

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Corporate Fraud

Enron Corporation was the largest American company dealing on energy and Service Company before its bankruptcy in December of 2001. According to Michael (2011), it was one the biggest providers of gas and electricity, employing up to 21000 people by the mid 2001. It was the only company supplying natural gas to consumers. During this […]

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The Leslie Fay Companies

The Leslie Fay Companies, which is a manufacturer of women’s apparel, was founded by Fred Pomerantz. It was named after Fred’s daughter, Leslie Fay. The company is based out of New York, and Fred Pomerantz made the company public in 1952. Paul Polishan, who became CFO and senior vice president of finance, was hired personally […]

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Fraud detection

Fraud detection should form part of an organisation’s overall anti-fraud strategy to identify and stop new or historical fraud at the earliest opportunity. Effective fraud detection saves money and protects businesses and their employees, shareholders and customers What is fraud detection? Fraud detection is the identification of actual or potential fraud within an organisation. It relies […]

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WorldCom – College Essay

WorldCom fraud is one of the leading corporate frauds in history and especially on American soil. The fraud was estimated to be worth more than $ 11 billion of fraudulent accounting entries and misstatements. This represented about 28. 89 % of the company’s revenue for the year 2002 (Jennings 67). Such a fraud has been […]

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Religious Fraud

The dishonest people in society profit by preying on the innocent and the trusting people of society. In what is considered blue-collar crimes such as armed robbery or assault, at least the criminal is honest enough to confront the victim directly. What is considered white collar crime tends to be even more dishonest, because the […]

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Phar-Mor Fraud

Finn’s willingness to go along with the actions of Monus made an already bad situation worse. Finn as the CFO should not have allowed himself to be involved in financial frauds of any sort just to show a profit. Finn should taken control of the situation right then and told Monus what he was doing […]

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Lincoln Savings and Loan

Charles Keating employed accounting schemes to divert the savings and loan’s federally insured deposits into ACC’s treasury. Keating would be permitted to withdraw funds from Lincoln and invest them in ACC or use them for only to the extent that Lincoln reported after-tax profits. He and his associates wove together complex real estate transactions involving […]

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Corporate Scandal Stanford

What Went Wrong: Case Study of a Selected Corporate Scandal “In Texas, Robert Allen Stanford appeared to be yet another flamboyant billionaire. But in the breezy Caribbean money haven of Antigua, he was lord of an influential financial fief, decorated with a knighthood, courted by government officials and basking in the spotlight of sports and […]

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Chris and Alison Weston

The case study Chris and Alison Weston describes how Chris and Alison Weston committed mail fraud, which they both ended up serving a year in a half in prison. It is recorded from their own recollection of the events that happened. This case demonstrates that even individuals can commit crimes without being aware that they […]

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