The Truth about High Heels

Are you one of those shoe-o-holics who live and breathe pumps and stilettos? Is shoe logy the only thing you ace in and “stiletto” the only foreign word you know? If so, then a little bit of shock is in store for you as we divulge the unsolicited truth about your irreplaceable high heels… A […]

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The footwear industry

The footwear industry is a vast manufacturing sector that covers a wide variety of products using rubber, leather and other synthetic materials. With a positive shift in demand of athletic shoes over the past decades, the industry has shown tremendous growth. The industry comprises of 12 ventures in four different regions including North and Latin […]

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Converse: Shaping the customer Experience

1. Converse was a company that I do know very well and so is Nike. The need that converse has is Nike, without Phil Knight and his shoe empire Converse might not be here today. A want for them is to keep their distance from the brand and its customers. This has been their best […]

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Nike supply chain

The supply chain plays a critical role in the transformation and global growth of a company especially in the current economic situation. The global supply chain is the transformation flow linking the raw materials, parts suppliers, manufacturers, and service support operations into products and services and distributing these products locally for consumers (Chase, 2005). According […]

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