Manchester Untied and The New York Yankees

For my case study report I have selected Manchester Untied and their joint partnership deal with the New York Yankees that was formed in February of 2001. The deal has been called a strategic alliance between the two sports teams. A statement regarding the partnership stated that the teams would be (?) ‘sharing marketing information, […]

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Analysis of Italian Serie A Players Salaries in Correlation to their Personal Performance

Throughout history, men and women have competed against one another in sport and many have enjoyed watching these competitions for entertainment. In early history, most men competed for their lives. However, in modern times, men are paid large salaries to compete in competitions and sports. In the past fifty years, the salaries of athletes in […]

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What are the main features of football hooliganism

This essay will firstly look at the phenomenon of football, it will then explain what football hooliganism is and its main features. It will then identify the explanations for it in terms of social class, analysing the theories into why certain social classes are involved in football hooliganism. It will then critique the explanations of […]

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Football information services: fanzines, Match of the Day and the modem

Research, as defined by the Collins Gem English dictionary (2004), is a ‘systematic investigation to discover facts or collect information’. Expanding on this definition, Collis and Hussey (2003, p1) quantify research as, ‘a process of enquiry and investigation, that it is systematic and methodical, increases existing knowledge, and requires you to be thorough at all […]

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Football Days

There was no going back now. The big game only a few hours away from commencing. Butterflies were racing through my veins but was prepared to play. The day was a Saturday. The weather was hot but damp like a steam room. A good day for football But to be honest my mum didn’t think […]

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Football Example #2

Take the greatest feeling you know and multiply it ten-fold and you are still nowhere near to the feeling of a last minute goal in a vital league match. I suppose you have to like football to understand where I am coming from here and indeed to understand this essay, although I think you will […]

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Theo Walcott

The two titles of the two news articles that I am comparing are: ‘Sven: Pele inspired Theo selection’ and ‘Pele: Theo no, Sven.’ Both articles appeared on the 04/06/2006. I found the articles on the Internet. The news story is about whether Theo Walcott should go to the World Cup or not. The article made […]

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Are footballers’ wages justified

What do you think is a reasonable wage for a footballer? I am here today to discuss this continuous debate. Some people say that this matter is becoming out of hand whereas, others may say they deserve their pay due to how hard they worked for it. When football first started the wages were low […]

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Can Manchester United win the Sextuple

The major factors to multiple hauls are usually luck, momentum, injuries, and scheduling. The line between being the best and being unbelievable is, in my opinion, much less than most recognise; it’s the base factor, without doubt, but it’s also the easiest to control. In reality you need only be the best to win multiples […]

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Three months

Three months. Three months of boredom. Three months of optimism. Three months of tennis and golf. Three months without football. You step out of the car and look up at the haven that you will be enjoying a roller coaster ride not just in the next few hours but over 9 months. The shining sun […]

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