‘Desert Flower’ by Waris Dirie

In her book the Dessert Flower, Waris Dirie gives a true account of the challenges that she went through in her native country as a young Somali girl. Waris Dirie native country Somali is a country where women are marginalized and discriminated against in terms of economics and have no freedom to make their own […]

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Production Technology and Marketing of Rose in India

Rose cultivation is a highly remunerative enterprise. The rose is the strongest component of domestic cut flower production and market. In most part of India the climate is such that there is no true dormant period for rose plants, and they attempt to flower throughout the year in a succession of flushes of blooms. Good […]

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If I Were a Rose Flower

23 year old passed away. Not because of the Gang Rape, not because of the multiple organ failure, not because of medical failure, but because of the failure of the legal system, the mindset, the cultural ethos of the country. The mindset of the masses failed to give her the protection she deserved. This disgusting […]

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