Ponce De Leon And The Early Exploration Of Florida

Ponce De Leon And The Early ExplorationOf FloridaPonce de Leon and the Early Explorationof Florida Juan Ponce de Leon was born in 1460, in Tierra de Campos Paleia, in Leon, Spain (Ponce, 1996).He came from a noble family and entered the royal household as a page for Pedro Nunez de Guzman, at the Court of […]

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Affirmative Action In Florida

1 Recently Governor Jeb Bush has pushed for the passage of a plan he calls ONE FLORIDA, an executive order to abolish affirmative action in the state of Florida. Through the history of affirmative action in our country and its ensuing abolition, politicians and society at large are ever debating the merits of a racially […]

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Florida Online Education

Florida has long vaunted of its rich and top of the line education options (Florida Government Online, 2005). This is true whether the observation is made on the public educational facilities or in the tertiary level learning institutions (Florida, 2005). Recently, the initiative on virtual learning has caught on in the United States (American Youth […]

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State of Florida Evolution Academic Freedom Act Bill

The senate in Florida on April 23, 2008 voted to pass the Evolution Academic Act to the house for approval. Should the act be passed and go ahead to become a law, it would see a guarantee of rights to teachers and students, to teach and be taught about the shortcomings of the Darwin???s theory […]

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Racial Relations, Florida

Race relations in West Palm Beach Florida have been characterized with a long tradition of tensions amongst the different races especially between African Americans and whites. Introduction The racial minorities, which include African Americans and Hispanics in West Palm Beach Florida, form a significant percentage of the total population amounting to about 25%. The various […]

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Daytona Beach Florida

The focal point of the paper is to prepare an autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to my community i. e. Daytona Beach Area. In this paper a first-person account would be presented on how human interactions in the community have been racialized. For the community, considerations would be […]

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What a tragedy it was for her but no matter

Our whole life represents a number of choices we make every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and even second. But some choices cannot be made in a minute but are dictated by our long thoughts, wide experience, variety of interests, scaring doubts.

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