The Pazzi Conspiracy

“The Pazzi conspiracy,” is the name given to the attempted assassination of Lorenzo de Medici by the rival Pazzi family. On Sunday April 26, 1478, members of the Pazzi family, along with fellow conspirators, set out to kill Lorenzo de Medici and his brother, Guiliano. In order to understand the motivation of the attack one […]

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Lo and Behold, the Palazzo Rucellai

Alberti’s works can be seen as a series of experimental reinventions for modern use. Noteworthy among his works is the Palaccio Rucellai in Florence, Italy. The facade is unified by a delicate grid of superimposed pilasters and the three stories are of the same height. More so, its facade was one of the first embarking […]

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Francesco Redi

There are many famous scientists that exist and have in the past existed. Some may be slightly more important then others, but in the end they are all equally important. One scientist is Francesco Redi. Francesco was an Italian physician and poet who was one of the first people to serious attack the idea of […]

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Management Of Old People with Parkinson’s disease

According to this case study we find that Florence who is an 82 year old woman is suffering from the last stage of the Parkinson’s Disease which is regarded as a health condition coming up as a result of the loss of a number of neurons in the brain that have the responsibility of controlling […]

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Florence vs. Dublin Travel Experience

People travel around the world to visit new places and learn about the culture of the city and its civilians. Some may travel in search of attaining more knowledge, such as studying abroad. Others travel for a simple vacation in hope of exploring something new. Two popular cities around the world tourists commonly visit are […]

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