Special Populations and Exercise Prescription Health

Health and fitness today, are seen to have much more impact on our lifestyles than ever before, with its benefits no longer confined to budding sports enthusiasts and professionals. The use of exercise to improve function, relieve symptoms and maintain a state of well being are a concept which, more so now than ever, have […]

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Fitness Testing

There are many ways to test your V02 max. According to Serganian, P. (1993:72). “The best method for testing your V02 max is the twenty metre shuttle run. This is because you are using your aerobic energy system continually.” This has also been supported by Lager LA, Lambert J. Who said “It is concluded that […]

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JustRelax plc

This Report covers the process of JustRelax plc, which is a health and fitness club chain in the United Kingdom, investing in a foreign country by building a new Club. First, one country out of four will be chosen as most suitable market to invest in. The candidates are Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. […]

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Three different fitness training methods

This is used to assess how quickly your body is able to generate a great deal of speed. For example the 30m sprint fatigue power maintenance test is a good fitness measure to perform. This test measures your body’s ability to generate large quantities of energy very quickly. Many sports such as rugby, hockey, football […]

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Compare and contrast the physical fitness requirements and skill related fitness requirements

As shown in the table above, all the physical fitness and skill related factors occur in middle distance running, netball and sprinters. The most important factor is how each of the physical fitness and skill related fitness requirement works within each sport so the sportsman/women can compete in their sport to the highest ability. I […]

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Identify and justify the key components of fitness

Fitness is the ability to cope effectively with the stresses of everyday life; it helps contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle. Fitness is made up of components, which can be divided into health related components, and skill related components. Health related fitness could benefit everyone to a certain degree as each component is contributing towards […]

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Describing and Explaining the Components of Fitness

Fitness testing plays an important role in sport and also in everyday life. The sportsperson or non sport person is tested for different reasons such as; if the sportsperson is making any progression, if reversibility is taking place, Assesses strengths and weaknesses, if they are fit with the population norms, to find out their current […]

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Fitness Choices

Today there is an implausible range of physical activities on offer, from the commercially motivated activities that are enjoyable and challenging, such as indoor rock climbing, to the more traditional exercise types. The challenge for the individual is to find an exercise type that meets their fitness needs and that is enjoyable. Many individual fitness […]

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Fitness Training

Fitness, itself, is composed of four different elements: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular fitness, flexibility, and body composition. Cardiorespiratory endurance, or aerobic fitness, relates to the body’s capacity to absorb, transport, and use oxygen during work or exercise. As the body is trained to endure a greater cardiovascular workload, the heart and lungs become stronger thereby increasing […]

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Fitness, Health & Wellness Marketing Plan

The state of America’s health care crisis, coupled with current demographic changes, threaten to not only exacerbate the crisis, but further erode worker productivity as well. These environmental factors coupled with the local competitive situation signal a favorable opportunity in this market. We feel the time is right for New Look. 2. 0 Environmental Analysis […]

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