Analysis of Poetry “Fish” Written by Elizabeth Bishop

Sometimes, certain moments that happen in our daily life make us reflect on our existance. Such an important moment occurred in the life of fishermen described in the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop “Fish”. One day, a fisherman caught a fish. When he pulled her from the water and put in the boat, he was surprised […]

How Far and how Often do Fish on Coral Reefs Disperse

In the study of vertebrates, fish in coral reefs stand out to be under enormous threats from different human activities. The massive threat has led to a deeper investigation of the dynamic ecological issues that lead to the diversity in dispersion of coral reefs. The difference is caused by the fact that the dispersion pattern […]

Fish Movement

Fish movement Movement is one of the most important animal behaviors because it enables the animals to react to the changing conditions of the environment. The fishes have to move for a variety of reasons. The main reason for fish movement is mainly the search of food. Fish movement holds a lot of challenges. One […]

The Possibility of Listing the Rush Darter to the Endangered Species List

The North American freshwater bodies are a habitat of small fishes known as darters. These endemic fishes belong to the genus Etheostoma; the name coined from the assemblage of two Greek words etheo meaning “to strain” and stroma referring to “mouth”, and was described further by Rafinesque (1819) as having “various mouths” but might be […]

The Effect of Stimuli on Betta Splendens

Animals are constantly display agonistic behavior to speed along the process of natural selection. To truly understand the mechanics of agonistic behavior, the causes and various stimuli that encourage agonistic behavior must be studied. This research investigated three Betta splendens and their response to various stimuli in order to depict whether or not they reacted […]

The Evolution of Fish: Vertebrates Begin

If you were to look at the oceans 530 million years ago, you would be amazed by the wild array of creatures thriving in the waters. The seas abound with robust rainbows of corals and starfish. Huge schools of jellyfish pump through the waters while the sea floor is alive with a variety of mollusks […]

Declining Fish Stock Paper

In the video declining Fish Stock VLR its about the declining numbers of fish stock that is in the oceans. There is a disagreement between commercial fisheries and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography about what the right thing would be to do in order to help the fish population. Its clear to me that there […]

Spiny Dogfish

Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) are found in the western North Atlantic from Greenland to Argentina. However the most common Spiny Dogfish we can find from Nova Scotia to Cape Hatteras. We can also find them in the eastern Atlantic from Iceland and the northern Russian coast to South Africa. It also includes the Mediterranean and […]

Shark Finning

Finning occurs worldwide and is most common in high seas fisheries, hundreds of miles out to sea. Oceanic fishing fleets target valuable fish such as tuna, using thousands of baited hooks on miles of long-line, and freezing their catch onboard. Unfortunately, long-liners often catch several times as many sharks than they do tuna. Until relatively […]

Lion Fish – College Essay

All around the southern coast of the United States and in the Caribbean we are facing a very dangerous and highly invasive species otherwise known as the lionfish. This fish is taking over many areas at a pace beyond human belief, but there is more to the story. This specific fish has few predators leaving […]

Fishing Blue Fin Tuna Into Extinction

Humans have feasted on fish for as long as history can trace. The waters in which these fish are caught seem to be an overly abundant healthy environment that can relied on until the end of time, but what happens when that assumption is proved wrong? The truth is that no matter how vast and […]

How to Breed Betta Fish

Betta fish is not like breeding Cichlids or goldfish. They need more specific requirements e.g. Water conditions, heating, tank plants or ornaments. I am sharing this information of my experience and through trial and error which I had to go through. The hard part is actually finding a compatible pair of fish to breed with; […]

Environmental Issues in Issyk Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

Issyk Kul is popular tourist destination in Kyrgyzstan. Tourists from Central Asia, Russia and Europe come to enjoy the magnificent view and the serenity of the lake surrounded by humongous mountains of Tianshan. It is regarded as the jewel of the country. 10% of the country’s GDP is contributed by tourism sector, and 9% of […]

Marine Science

1. On the diagram below, what percentage of energy (from the choices in blue on the left) is transferred from a producer to a: (A) secondary consumer, (B) tertiary consumer, (C) quaternary consumer? A)1.0% B)0.1% C).01% 2. Look at the quote from Rachel Carson on the first page. What do you think the quote means? […]

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