Creating Firm Value at Tyco

Lack of corporate governance at Tyco contributed to its downfall. Normally, corporate governance plays a crucial role in controlling the activities of the firm. After learning about the indictments against Kozlowski stakeholders, investors and employees wondered what had happened (Bowen, 1994). This is simply because, they did not care to ensure that there was effective […]

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Ameritrade Case

Background In his effort to increase returns for Ameritrade shareholders and make Ameritrade the largest brokerage firm worldwide by trading volume, Joe Ricketts, Chairman and CEO of Ameritrade, seeks to improve Ameritrade’s competitive position in the deep-discount brokerage industry by taking advantage of emerging economies of scale. To attract more investors, his strategy involves, first, […]

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Global Market Research Case

In the case study 3-2, Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners, is considering taking their firm global by expanding into the United States. The firm specializes in recreational facilities and is contemplating branching out to expand their market and opportunities. Mitch Brooks a junior partner is by some of the slowing down of the market and intends […]

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Porter Generic Strategies and Samsung

This case study deals with Samsung Electronics and its evolvements thorough the years of activity. The semi-conductor industry in which Samsung participate is highly competitive and very dynamic. Thus, in order to analyze the case properly, we must know first the ropes of the industry, and afterwards dig in the company itself. Porter’s 5 forces […]

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