Final Draft

Isnt smoking great? Its not like smoking gets teenagers in trouble when found in possession of cigarettes. Its not like cigarettes kill so many people a year and its not like second hand smoke even harms non-smokers. Smoking can cause trouble, Tabacco smoke is a human killer, and even if you dont smoke you can […]

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Final on Dostoevsky

“The Dream of a Ridiculous Man” is considered as a fantastic story, though it is a complex philosophic story dealing with important social, religious and existential issues. The theme of social injustice, bordering on the moral ugliness is widely used by Dostoevsky in order to reveal the weak points of human spirituality. The author often […]

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Adult Learning final revision

To be able to be successful in the current global and domestic markets, training, development and adult learning, for an organisation’s workforce is key for realizing competitive advantage. Human resource management therefore, has the ultimate function of retaining good staff members who are the main drivers of the organisation.

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Admission nursing final

I have just completed my secondary level of education and I am interested in joining Chaminade University to pursue a degree course in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. When I was contemplating on which career to take, nursing attracted me as it is one of the most exciting and challenging career options.

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Admission essay Rev final

The interest and the passion I have for genetics is unsurpassed by any other. A look at my life reveals that majority of the activities I have indulged in, be it academic or co-curricula, is fuelled by my desire to understand genetic composition of human and plant bodies and how such knowledge can be used […]

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