Figure Skating

Spins And Lifts In Figure Skating

One of the most important elements that is required in the sport of figure skating are the spins involved. The presence of spins as a part of this sport is ensured in all the disciplines of the Olympic Games. Some of the basic spin positions have been defined in figure skating. These are camel spin, […]

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Figure Skating – The Equipment Involved

There are several important pieces of equipment involved in the sport of figure skating. However, the prime equipment is figure skates. These skates are generally different from the hockey skates. This difference is definitely very visible as there are large, jagged teeth available. The name that has been given to these teeth is toe picks. […]

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Chinese Figure Skaters Investigated of Age

The governing body in the Chinese republic for figure skating started an investigation on a number of Chinese athletes whose birth dates have been considered suspicious by international media members. The Associated Press, a news agency based in the United States, reported on Tuesday that nine figure skaters from China allegedly had falsified birth dates […]

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Figure Skating – A Sport Involving Challenging Moves

Figure Skating can be described as one of the Olympic sports where in individuals, pairs or groups can perform, as part of this sport, different spins, foot movements, jumps, and others. There are several challenging movements that are displayed by the participants in this sport. There are several levels at which the different figure skaters […]

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Figure Skating – The Steps, Turns & Spirals

One of the required elements in the sport of figure skating in all the four disciplines of Olympics is the step sequences. These step sequences are possible in several patterns such as circular, straight line or serpentine. A combination of the different steps, edge changes, hops and turns may be described as a step sequence. […]

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World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo

The World Figure Skating Championships scheduled for March 21 to 27 in Japan were postponed after an earthquake and tsunami rocked the nation. Large portions of the country were severely devastated on Friday, resulting in the International Skating Union deeming it impossible to continue the weeklong contests. Britain had been ready to send their team […]

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Competition And Scoring System In Figure Skating

The various competitions of figure skating are regulated and controlled by the International Skating Union (ISU). It has been identified as the prime body responsible for governing the various international competitions related to the sport of figure skating. The body governs not just the different world championships concerned with figure skating but it also controls […]

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Scholarly Analysis of a Figure Skating Article

Mary Louise Adams’ “The Manly History of a ‘Girls’ Sport’: Gender, Class and the Development of Nineteenth-Century Figure Skating” is an article that sheds light on the role that gender played on figure skating throughout the nineteenth century. It centers on how male-dominated the activity of figure skating was throughout the nineteenth century—a stark contrast […]

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