The role of family in the fiction

Kafka has become one of the renowned household names around the world especially for people who find fascination in reading his pieces of fiction work. One of his works The Metamorphosis is an exemplary piece of writing. The title of the book “Metamorphosis” which means a change of form is clearly reminiscent in the entire […]

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Non Fiction

The book ‘Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave’ by Frederick Douglas explores the events that affected slaves in the South of United States of America. This is essentially achieved by providing explicit history on the real life situations that blacks encountered in their pursuit to overcome racism. In order to achieve […]

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Irish Fiction

Introduction An idealized representation of an Anglo-Irish house is at odds with realities in a period with profound economic and historical upheavals. In the face of these upheavals, the Dysarts, the positive Ascendancy family at the middle of the narrative, are integrated in their Big House, Bruff. The Irish Big House novel contains a number […]

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Integrating Young Adult Fiction in learning

“Young Adult Fiction” refers to a written fiction, published and then sold to young adults and adolescents. This kind of literature has been like a hot cake amidst the young and even gone ahead to defy the odds of age to be purchased by individuals of over 18 years age-wisely. ‘Knowledge is power. Ignorance is […]

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The Reality of Love; the Fiction of Death

The novel tells the story of two men who have different perceptions and believes and the only thing they had in common is the nationality, both have their origin in Spain. The two Spanish nationalities were both in the airport in the United States. Due to bad weather and consequent delay of their flights, both […]

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Fact or Fiction

Some sources state that the Book of Jasher was once the original start of the Bible. However, it is not known whether that is a fact or a fiction. The book has been referenced in the Holy Bible in Joshua and the Second Book of Samuel. Many versions of the book appeared over the years […]

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1. Exercise – Abduction “She’s more like a possessive mother than a sister.” 1. This is a description of the main characters sister Ann in the short story Abduction. I will make an analysis and interpretation of this text which I will put into perspective by using the text women in love 2. and the […]

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Fiction Division and Classification

There are many different types of fiction. Many people confuse these different types of fiction and classify fiction books into incorrect groups. To help better understand fiction they would have to know what types of fiction there are and what they’re like. These types of fiction include realistic fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction. Realistic […]

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The Cop and the Anthem analysis

While reading the following story, note its plot structure. 1. All the events in the following story are arranged chronologically. Due to its humorous nature and big attention to details, they catch attention. As events change each other rather quickly the reader’s interest can be held easily. 2. The role of exposition is to introduce […]

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