What is Sex Equality Really For

From the world history of society’s representation of male and female, female recognition in the society and their roles has immensely changed from house to office. From the late 20th century, the feminism arouse rapidly. This started from equal rights to education and then equal rights to be a part of the working force. In […]

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Nervous Condition

“Can you cook books and feed them to your husband? Stay at home with your mother. Learn to cook and clean. Grow vegetables. ” – Tambu ‘s father quote and “And these days it is worse, with the poverty of blackness on one side and the weight of womanhood on the other. Aiwa! What will […]

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The Navy Boot Camp Life

The Navy Boot Camp Life helped to mold me, and influenced the person I am today. My decision to join the navy was a goal I pre-meditated attending high school. Growing up I have been a follower at times , and a leader at times, when making wrong decisions, good decisions, and not so smart […]

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Mosuo Culture

Even though the roles of women in today’s society are prominent and recognized, there is an invisible barrier that prevents women from moving up in the organizational hierarchy. This is known as the glass ceiling (Rue & Byars 2009, p. 10). However, it is a different case for Mosuo, an agrarian ethnic group of approximately […]

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Sex and Temperament

Anthropologist Margaret Mead addressed the differences in temperament found between men and women in her book Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies (1935). In this study she concluded that sex has no bearing on social traits and the temperament of an individual. Her research looked at whether masculine or feminine traits are innate or […]

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Diversity Orginazition Worksheet

For many years the United States has changed a lot pertaining to womens right. Women have more rights then they did in the past. Although some don’t think there has been enough changes I can see many coming within the years to come and woman will be just as equal as mean all across the […]

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“The world would be a better place if more political leaders were women”

Till today, males still dominate the government in most countries. Women still face cultural barriers in achieving representation in the govt. I think that more women should be represented in the parliament, as a 2011 study in the American Journal of Political Science found that women are more effective lawmakers than men despite being underrepresented […]

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Feminist Theology

Feminist theology is based on the idea of “not lord but brother”. Jesus Christ himself stepped outside of societies norms by befriending the outcasts of society, which included women. Women are often portrayed as the cause of or focus of evil and misdeeds in the bible.

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What Would Jesus Do

“What would Jesus do?” That was the question that still haunted Jasper Chase today and five years later after leaving the small town of Raymond. While sitting at the little cafe, he remembered a time in his life when a preacher, Henry Maxwell, asked for people to make a pledge that for one year, before […]

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