The Human Feeling of Compassion

There are many expressions that people have which are considered feelings. When a person goes to show those feelings, one must realize that only humans are able to feel such a deep emotion as compassion. It is a learned response, and one that is felt as well. When a person watches a mother cat clean […]

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The mother of my close friend has Alzheimer’s

The mother of my close friend has Alzheimer’s for quite a long time now. The condition of their mother somewhat burdens them so much for sometimes misunderstandings happen.

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Alexithymia or Inability to Identify Feelings

Sometimes clients struggle to identify their feelings. Inability to identify feelings or failure to recognize them properly is called alexithymia. According to Taylor & Bagby (2000) alexithymia is defined inability of the person to talk about his feelings because of lack of emotional awareness.

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