The Real Deal on Sharpe James: What was He Actually Accused and Consequences

The four-year long investigation prompted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Internal Revenue Services on former Newark, New Jersey mayor Sharpe James finally came to a close after he had been found in a federal court guilty of fraud charges (Whelan & Martin 2008). Despite the fact that James had been seen […]

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Analysis on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Promotion Process

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the main analytical and lawfully inclined branch of the Department of Justice in the United States. Such is anchored with the duty of investing federal crimes and providing domestic intelligence schematics. In the contemporary era, FBI has been given investigative authority of over 200 categories of violations of different […]

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Catch Me If You Can: The Story of Robert Hanssen

Robert Hanssen joined the FBI as an agent on January 12, 1976 and was transferred to the Gary, Indiana, office. In 1978, Hanssen and his family moved to New York when the FBI transferred him to its office there. The next year, Hanssen was moved into counter-intelligence and given the task of compiling a database […]

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