Father / Son Rebel

Death of a Salesman is a play that is based on the happenings in Boston and New York. The action starts in Willy Loman’s home. This is an aging salesman who arrives home from a long trip. Willy experiences difficulties in distinguishing between the current events from his past memories. His wife asks him to […]

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The Perfect Example of a Father

As the old saying goes anyone can have a child but it takes a special man to be a real father. Raising a child is by no means easy and it requires a lot of love, patience and time. He was forty-four when he walked into the lives of two very young children. He had […]

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Doubt, a Parable by John Patrick Shanley

Certainty is perfect knowledge that has total security from error; no certainty is used in this play. Emotions are the only fact in this play. Doubt, A Parable by John Patrick Shanley, was written in 2005. This play is a classic antagonistic pair. Shanley writes about the suspicions of the principal of a catholic school […]

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A Faher’s Love

Ok so i must hand out this essay on Wednesday, the topic is the person you admire the most. i just need some help concerning my language, grammar (if there is any) , and other paragraphs i could add, because this one is just 2 pages and i need 3… im out of ideas any […]

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Life with My Father

Through-out our childhood life we have so many memorable moments, yet about half of those memories fade away. Though, we aren’t aware of the fact that our fathers cherish and remember each and everyone of those memories. Moreover, my father whom has been by my side since the first ten minutes I came to existence […]

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Remembering People

I believe that everyday, we meet people who influence our lives in the way we think, act, speak and talk among other things. These are the same people who help shape the person we become over time and we may or may not remember all of these important persons in our lives. In my life […]

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My Father

Different people have different ways of influencing others. Most people would use words to affect other people. Some individuals would utilize their gift of persuasion to convince others of their causes or arguments, while others use authority to force people to do as they say. These differences can apply to fathers as well. Not all […]

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Love of a Father

Daddy, Papa, Apa, Tatay, Father, etc. are just some of the ways people refer to their fathers. There are a number of other terms of endearment after which a son or a daughter addresses his/her respect to their fathers. There are those who call their fathers as kings, masters and idols so as to show […]

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Describing a person

Is there any person in your life who has made a profound impact on your life? What skills did that person possess? How did others react to this person? What has been the outcome of your experience with this on in this essay? The one person who has greatly influenced my life is my father […]

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Why I admire my dad

My Dad is someone who I would say has had the most ups and downs in his life. He has always made in important to try and be the best person he possibly can. However, human nature only allows you to be ‘so good’ and he does, like anybody else would, have some traits that […]

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