Animal Farm by George Orwell

Of all the books written in the history of literature, perhaps Animal farm is among the top of them all that reflect the society in a precise and frank manner. The writer, George Orwell brings the setting of animals, pigs in this context, and places them on a journey of oppression, upraise and eventually liberation […]

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Integrated Vocational Assignment

I am carrying out my Integrated Vocational Assignment at Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. It is a family farm that is run primarily for the entertainment of the public. It is one of Surrey’s busiest and most popular tourist attractions, offering good value for money and many attractions. It has facilities such as a childrens playbarn […]

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Poultry Farm

Koibatek poultry farm is amongst the fastest growing farms in Rift valley province. It’s located within Koibatek District. The main purposes of poultry farms are to; Provide High quality eggs in the rapidly growing eggs industry. Promote the customer confidence Have regard to the social and economic interests of the area It’s only the effectively […]

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Assainment on Bolaven Farms

This case study is based on an in-depth interview with the founder and additional information from the Bolaven Farms marketing manager as well as online resources. Lao PDR is rich in natural resources and has areas of highly fertile land yet it is one of the poorest countries in the Asia Pacific region and in […]

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Biological Farming Omnivores Dilema

It is a shame that industrial farming has taken over the world and that small farmers no longer stand a chance of being truly profitable or significant. It is impossible for a small farmer to be competitive in today’s market. Industrial farms with their monoculture can pack thousands of animals onto a relatively small piece […]

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