The child ran tirelessly

The child ran tirelessly: exuberant and relentless, he drove on, edging nearer and nearer to flailing ribbon tied to the hem of the dress of the girl in front. Bare feet pounded on the scorched, dry mud and uneven grass – that would have normally inhibited his progress in running – he stretched his arms, […]

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A father’s love

I really shouldn’t have got out of bed this morning (pause) it’s just been one thing after another today. I was late for school because the alarm never went off so I missed the bus and had to walk (pause) and to top things off a bird thought my head was the ideal spot to […]

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From my childhood I have some memories that have stuck in my head

The memory from my childhood that fixed in my mind the most was on 25th of December 1995 the day that day that should be the most happiest of the year but this time it was not. The day started at 5:00am, and as I was only seven years old I frequently need to relive […]

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John McFadden and his wife

Over the summer John McFadden has noticed a change in his wife. She has become more protective, thoughtful and secretive. With a blast that shook the houses, light splattered the night sky with shards of colour. Children stuffed-full of sweets from trick or treating ambled around, sparklers flitting in their gloved hands. Crack snap and […]

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Effects of daycare and childhood

Although many families today choose to put their young children in daycare in order to maintain additional income, problems result when they do; children desperately need the security and warmth of the home environment. When deprived of the influence of the home in early years, several challenges emerge as a child develops. Normal relational attachments […]

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Children often keep a box of special things

When I was a child I used to have a special box, which was really valuable for me. It was really beautiful. It was purple with white hearts everywhere and a little mirror in the middle of the lid. Inside of it, it was covered with a pink silk cloth. This gave a wonderful feeling […]

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How Willy Russell dramatises the relationship between Frank and Rita

The play educating Rita was written by Willy Russell in 1979. The play is set in the 1980s in a Victorian university in the north of England, where Willy Russell was born. The play discusses the issue of poor backgrounds not continuing education and going directly into employment. “A room on the first floor of […]

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Rita’s successful education is the reason for the failure of her relationship with Frank

The question I am asked is whether or not I agree with this statement. The essay I am writing is about contemporary playwright Willy Russell’s critically acclaimed and much admired play, Educating Rita. This play is hard to put into any certain genre, it is funny, as in a comedy, but also sad, and this […]

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What is your opinion of Malachy and how does Frank McCourt present his father

Malachy is an irresponsible father to his children, who doesn’t support them in the way that he should. Despite Malachy’s lack of parenting skills, he loves his children very much and they are important to him. Malachy would like to be a good father to his children but parts of his faulted personality prevent him […]

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Frank and Ritas Changing Relationship

Russell establishes the relationship between Frank and Rita as one of misunderstanding and confusion. The first time we see Rita she shocks Frank, Frank is trying to test her and Rita is trying to joke around and also test Frank. Frank says things like “do you know about Yeats? ” Rita replies “what the wine […]

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