How did mao change the face of

How far did Mao Ze Dong change the face of China? As China emerged from a half century of revolution as the world’s most populous nation and launched itself on a path of economic development and social change, Mao Zedong, its principal revolutionary thinker and for many years its unchallenged leader, occupied a critical place […]

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The Real Face of Our Culture in the United States

Nowadays more and more people start to notice more on the situation of the societies in the United States, and most of them get the information by reading the researches or books written by some sociologists. From all the examples of social issues in our societies, people seem to care more about culture jamming. In […]

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Change Blindness

Compare and contrast the norm-based coding and absolute coding models of face recognition. Faces show a lot of Information we can use to guide our social Interactions – gender, ethnicity, age, and emotional state. Identification of faces requires sensitivity to subtle differences in very similar visual patterns. How do we search face space? Do they […]

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What Do Theories of Face Perception Tell Us About Object Perception in General

Face perception is the process by which the brain and mind understand and interpret the human face. The cognitive and neural processes in face recognition differ greatly from those observed for object recognition. Both objects and faces are generally considered to be “viewpoint-dependent” meaning that performance in recognition is better when viewed from a familiar […]

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Wild Flowers

The mockingbird that had perched on the roof top all night, filling the clear cool air with its music, had flown away when the sun rose. There was silence as deep and mysterious as the flat sandy country that extended mile after mile in every direction. Yesterday’s shadows on the white sand began to reassemble […]

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The Theology of the Icon and the Medium of Cinema

Cheng sat transfixed by the image of the crucifixion. On the walls of the dimly lit room hung numerous icons, but Cheng could not tear her eyes from the image illumined before her.

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