The impact of physical activity on mood

It has been widely proposed that there is a relationship between physical activity and mental health, and that physical exercise is associated with improving mental health states. (Hale and Raglin, 2002; Berger and Owen, 1998; McGowan and Talton, 1996; Di Lorenzo, Bargman, Stuck-Ropp, Brassington, Frensch and LaFontaine, 1999; Osei-Tutu and Campagna, 2004 and Biddle, 2000). […]

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Positive effects of exercise

In this assignment, I will be describing the benefits of exercise in the short and long term on physical, social and mental health including the benefits of exercise for each life stage; children, adolescence, adulthood and old age. I will also be describing how exercise can be integrated into daily living and also include three […]

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