Examples of An Expository Paragraph

Identity & Belonging

‘Our sense of self is very vulnerable to external pressures’ In everyday life, humans are surrounded with pressures that can influence the formation of their identity. External pressures such as the environment we live in, the culture we belong to and the presence of other people, are often uncontrollable and can have a crucial impact […]

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Witch Hunt Expository

A witch-hunt is not limited to one particular event in history. Many key events throughout time relate very closely to these acts of misunderstanding and unjustified killings. For instance, The Crucible by Arthur Miller was written to portray the Salem Witch Trials in a fictional view although based on true events. Miller in fact based […]

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Different Types of Paragraphs

In the framework of writing academic works, students are faced with different structure and types of indents. This also applies to budding writers who are looking for a creative way in literature. Let’s look at what is worth paying attention to. Paragraph Structure Any composition, as all of us were taught at school, consists of […]

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A Study on the Preferred Teaching Strategies of the Mapua Professors

A STUDY ON THE PREFERRED TEACHING STRATEGIES OF THE MAPUA PROFESSORS A Research Paper Presented to Ms. Czarina Labayo Mapua Institute of Technology In partial fulfilment Of the requirements in English for Academic Purposes 2 (ENG11) by: Ian Gabriel M. Sebastian Mara Millicent L. Ong-Tan Maria Angela R. Sesperes Aljame M. Erese November 2011 Abstract […]

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Effects of Analogy Approach in Teaching

Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Many educators view teaching as organized, purposeful and deliberate efforts designed to bring about certain desirable ends in an individual. Garcia (2000) states that a teacher must know what teaching is because his concept of teaching will guide his behaviour and his own interpretation of teaching that […]

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Essay Analysis (of Anger)

Francis Bacon Francis Bacon was born in York House, London on January 22, 1561. His Father, Sir Nicholas Bacon, was the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal under Queen Elizabeth I. Bacon studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 1573 to 1575. The younger of two sons, Bacon was eighteen when his father died in 1576, […]

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Hesis Proposal-Assessment of Reading Proficiency.Doc

An Assessment of Reading Proficiency Level of Grade IV pupils of Paranaque Elementary School-Central A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts, Sciences and Education Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Sheila M. Roque M. A. Ed. (Educ. Admin) TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter I – Introduction Background of the Study———————————————-1 Statement […]

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