A Psychological Evaluation Of

Psychological evaluation Toady a new patient came in named Nick Carraway. Carraway is a struggling bond salesman that just moved next to that big place on the island, Gatsby’s place. He seems to like his new home, but he often talks about how the homesickness he feels is relating back to his fathers conduct. “Reserving […]

Hazard Evaluation

Over the years now, construction has become the leading investment. It has brought in millions of dollars in the economy and boosted it to great heights. There is no doubt that this is not stopping soon. Business men are investing in real estate and skyscrapers used as business premises. Research shows that construction is rapidly […]

Extended Review and Evaluation of Biographies of Jesus by Romano Guardini

From the start, Christianity has been rooted in the paradoxical claim that a human being executed as a criminal is the source of God’s life-giving and transforming Spirit. From the start, this “good news” has been regarded as foolishness to the wise of the world. Christianity has never been able to “prove” its claims except […]

Running Records

Providing the most effective means of teaching is the primary goal of all educational institutions. This aspect helps the social structure to achieve full potential benefits for the students as well as to help them perform well in contributing to social development. In order to assess students specifically in the evaluation procedure of reading, a […]

Recognizing and Responding to the Need for Change

1. Nathan made a mistake by not understanding Elvira’s need for change in the first performance evaluation conference. Though being in a profession that deals with listening to people, understanding them and showing empathy to them, Nathan acted in just the opposite manner. From a manager’s point of view too, his attitude towards Elvira’s problems […]

Real options vs Net Present Value

The real options method of valuation refers to a new and more inclusive method of determining the value of a company’s assets. It refers to a certain right that a company possesses to undertake ventures within a particular market area. Such a right usually arises as a result of a previous capital investment that gives […]

Formative Evaluation

Formative evaluation assesses the efforts prior to their completion in order to improve the efforts. It is a technique/strategy used in the education and training evaluation literature to see if it is working efficiently (Nan, 2003; McCarragher, Hoffman and Rycus, 2003). This evaluation is implemented more than once on the early stages of a program […]

Case Study Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

In the case of “Thomas Green: power, office politics, and a career in Crisis”, it describes the dilemma of Thomas Green who works in a company called Dynamic Display. Thomas was recruited as an account executive, and then five months later, he was promoted as a Senior Market Specialist directly by the President Shannon McDonald. […]

Process and Outcome

Process and outcome evaluation are the first two common areas of focus for the empowerment evaluation approach. (Yuen/Terao, 2003) The characteristic of process evaluation is that they provide a quantitative description of how the program was carried out. Documenting and monitoring the planning, implementation, and interrelationship of the components of the proposed project are all […]

The Politics of Performance Appraisal

Max Steadman, Jim Coburn, Lynne Sims, and Tom Hamilton are managers at Eckel Industries, a manufacturer of arc-welding equipment in Minneapolis. They work in the manufacturing division each supervising a different department within the division. Every Friday the managers meet after work for drinks to relax, gossip, and give and receive advice about problems on […]


Evaluation essay is one in which the writer analyses all the aspects of an object and draws his/her own conclusion on that. It is a process of examining facts and information about a topic and then reaching on a personal judgment. These types of essays are mostly used for the purpose of evaluation of books, […]

Four Levels of Evaluation

At the end of the process is primarily of a summative type to provide evidence to sponsors and potential users about the value of solution (Craig, 1996). Together with needs assessment, evaluations are among the most strategic tools available to the trainer or performance improvement practitioner. The evaluation of training programs involves four levels, which […]

The Model for Evaluation of Service Encounter

Many papers have focused on service operation management (SOM), particularly in the field of a ‘service encounter’. This study considers its meaning and analyses the model for the evaluation of service encounter. The methodology is launched by reviewing literature on SOM. With regard to the meaning of a service encounter, it is concluded that the […]

Establishing Evaluation Criteria

Establishing evaluation criteria is needed to evaluate alternatives and to make decisions. Depending on the nature of the problem different constraints may be used to design a policy. Once evaluating a clear criterion, we must go through a process of identifying alternatives that will later be evaluated in the terms of criteria. Evaluation criteria are […]

Employee Performance Evaluation Draft for Luxurion Auto

The following tools or evaluation guidelines would help superior, fellow personnel, subordinate or the employee himself in evaluating the performance as a Luxurion Auto sales personnel. A combination of performance evaluation tools/methods are chosen (as a mixture) where a little of some methods are present: a little essay/comment part, critical incident, and a little of […]

Measuring outcomes of performance improvement

Every employee makes an immense contribution towards the returns which an organization makes. Because of this very rationale, it is as well critical to monitor and evaluate the performance of employees regularly. Carrying out these performance evaluations is not simple. Chang and Matthew (1993) observe that, companies all over the world continue to struggle to […]

Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department

Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department funding at the Greenby Mental Health Center is the focus of this paper. The centers funding has been reduced. Additionally the reduction in funding will cause the organization to consider closing down their consultation and education department. First I will describe one process evaluation measure as well as one […]

Employee Performance Evaluations

There are many different types of performance evaluations and sets of criteria that are involved with them. These different types of performance evaluations include the Graphic Rating Method, The Global Rating Method, the Essay Rating Method, Behavioral Anchored Rating Method (BARS), Management by Objectives, and the 360-Evaluation Method (“Employee Performance Evaluation,” n.d.). It will also […]

Evaluation and Aspire

1. What is Aspire? Ans: Aspire is a pre-engagement program designed for associates joining TCS. This is only for IT guys. Its not there for ITIS folks. EIS folks too had i guess. This is a program designed to cover the basics of software engineering modules and soft skills which would be helpful when the […]

Overview of Program Evaluation

Most people can define program evaluation; it is very evident what is meant when a program is about to be evaluated. Many organizations today have certain programs in place and to identify if the programs work a review, or an evaluation must be performed. Program evaluation is a necessary tool that is used to gather […]

Reference Source Evaluation

The kinds of questions that should be raised in evaluating a reference book or article should be stated in simple terms to be able to have a pure understanding on each source to be evaluated. Theoretically, there are eighteen points to consider in making a good evaluation or judgment about a particular reference work. But […]

Alternatives evaluation

The company has created a vast image of the brand in different manners such as creating a lifestyle of a star or an emotional story of an American. There is a need for the company to reconsider the image that it would like to go ahead with and then evaluate which of the alternatives is […]

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