Ethnic minority

Twentieth century Britain saw the immigration and full or partial integration of a variety of different ethnic minorities. Ethnic minority is defined as any group “whose members see themselves as sharing certain cultural characteristics, such as a common history, language, religion, or family or social values which distinguish them from the majority of the population. […]

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The representation of ethnicity in a range of popular mainstream TV programmes or soap operas

Soap opera was a phrase that people used in the 1930s in USA. It was to describe radio series. The opera came from the fact that they were about dilemmas and real life situations that people have on a daily basis. As the radio series popularity grew, they became televised in the 1950s. Soon it […]

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Are ethnic minorities still marginalised in Contemporary media

In the last decade there has been an enormous change in the nature of the media and the ways people interact with it. For example, cable, terrestrial and satellite television channels plus widespread cheap access to the Internet and digital technology have spread rapidly from the USA to many other parts of the world. In […]

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Ethnic Identity

1. Reactions to racism come in many different forms. There are protests, violent protests, riots, sometimes they retreat to their own homes and often they retreat to small minority groups in different parts of either a big town or city. In Brick Lane, East end of London in 1880 -1900’s when Jewish immigrants came to […]

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Rather than study the elderly Chicanos of LA as was her original intention, Barbara Myerhoff shifted her focus to her own ethnicity, choosing instead to conduct her ethnographic study on her native ground for Number our days. Her reflexivity is apparent in and is a result of her decision to study the aging Jewish population […]

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Racial Stereotyping

Have you ever been the target of a good humored joke because of your ethnicity? Racial stereotypes often are the cause of such an occurrence, and most of us have been at the receiving end at some point of time or the other. In this article, we try to understand these stereotypes better and take […]

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Expansion of Race and Ethnicity

Race refers to physical attributions that create a distinction of a group while ethnicity refers to the culture, religion, tradition and beliefs of a certain group that makes them distinct from the other groups of people (Waters, n. d. ). Historically, there have three types of groups that are visible in the U. S. society […]

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Defining Race and Ethnicity

1.  When I hear the term race, I think of the ways in which a person is externally identified based on the arbitrary divisions set up within a social setting.  For example, American social construct has adopted a means of identifying people with terms like black, white, Hispanic, or Asian—these are race-based terms.  These terms […]

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National Day of Brunei Darussalam

The National Day of Brunei Darussalam is celebrated annually on the 23rd of February. It is ultimately a significant day for every Brunei citizens. The national day is celebrated nationwide. This essay will discuss how the National day creates a sense of identity, community and how it brings the whole country together as a nation. […]

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