What to do about ethnic cleans

WHAT TO DO ABOUT ETHNIC CLEANSING? BACKGROUND PAPER In 1994, unrest swept through the Maryland-sized African nation of Rwanda. Thousands of Hutu extremists launched a massive assault on the Tutsi, who traditionally make up Rwanda’s upper class, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people (Night Rider – “most days”). The United States immediately responded to […]

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Whiteness and Racialized Ethnic Groups in the United States: The Politics of Remembrance

‘Whiteness and Racialized Ethnic Groups in the United States: The Politics of Remembrance’ is a book written by Sherrow Pinder in which a critical evaluation of whiteness and its impacts on the American society is conducted with an intent to contribute to the nationwide debate on America’s past and the roots of racism. First, Pinder […]

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A Sense of Ethnic Identity in the U.S.

Race and ethnicity are two interchangeable words related to culture, history, identity, and any other term which connotes a sense of belonging. Race refers to classifications of human based on their physical features like hair or skin color. Ethnicity, meanwhile, refers to ethnic belongings or affiliation of human based on their culture or sense of […]

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Accommodation of Ethnic Diversity in Schools

Canada has a large number of immigrants thus made them the most diverse nation in the world (Burstein 2004), people was sharing their own culture and experiences to others, the country’s society encompasses variety of ethnicity and culture. Tensions between natives and immigrants emerging in different institutions, tensions are evident in values, beliefs, traditions and […]

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The Modern African Nation State

Ethnic conflict in Africa is as old as the continent itself. There has been little over time that has been able to ameliorate this problem and to further exacerbate it, there is the small and significant problem of modernity.

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