Ethics Compromise

Ethics refers to the deep-seated standards of rights and wrong, which is a prescription of how we are supposed to behave in sales management situations of business. It entails doing what is right even in situations where one is tempted to compromise and do what is only right. Failure of sales person to resolve ethical […]

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Ethics Paper

Introduction The term ethics refers to a philosophical concept which is used as guidance to human being. It helps individuals to understand the concept of life in its totality by distinguishing between morality and immorality. Ethics is a very important thing which is applicable in all spheres of life. There is a Meta, normative, descriptive […]

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Ethics and Sports

Sports refer to all forms of competitive physical activities that are organized in a particular pattern. Individuals engage in sports with the aim of improving their physical fitness, earning a living, and getting entertained. The choice of a sport depends on the likes and interests of an individual. Sportsmen and sportswomen are always urged to […]

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Engineering ethics on BP oil Spill

Oil is one of the core industries that are driving the economic state of most oil-producing countries. Investment into the oil industry is quite lucrative because of the high turnover rewards for investors and workers. However, danger posed by mining of oil to the environment cannot be neglected following dire consequences that affect natural life […]

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Can Ethics Be Taught

Question (3a). Can ethics be taught? Can practitioners know ethical behavior, that is, what is right and wrong in professional practice, but yet not practice such behavior they know to be right? Explain your answer. Do you think practitioners become more ethical or less ethical or remain about the same in their ethics from the […]

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Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Happiness is the main life’s goal for each person. Nevertheless, states of happiness vary as much as the methods of achievement. Considering a certain aim as the life purpose, an individual use to examine it. A person questions oneself and analyzes ethical points of a certain methods of achievement. Aristotle sees all living things in […]

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Aristotle on Virtue Ethics

Virtue ethics primarily entails the description of the rightness or appropriateness of human action as derived from ethical theories. In the modern day world, these virtue ethical theories have been challenged on account of their failure to guide human action in given or predetermined circumstances. The criticism is that there is more focus towards the […]

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Outline the view that there are no rights and wrongs in sexual ethics

Sexual ethics encompasses a wide variety of issues including, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality, marriage, cohabitation, masturbation, sexual acts, rape, prostitution, sex with animals and pornography. A modern perspective on sexual ethics is that mutual consent of any form of sex is morally acceptable. It is seen as a positive, pleasurable and physical experience. Negotiated […]

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The Motives of Foreign Aid: Ethical or Rewarding

Foreign aid is defined as a form of assistance provided by rich, developed nations to poor, underdeveloped countries. There are many different types of assistance that can be provided, including educational, agricultural, technical, scientific and financial assistance. Individuals, governments, private organizations and businesses can all send foreign aid to Third World countries. This essay in […]

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Critically Compare The Use Of VIDe Decision Making Software

Ethics is concerned with the fundamental principles, norms or values which lie behind particular moral judgments (Campbell and Higgs, 1982). Ethical issues arise when someone wants to know what is right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate, praiseworthy or blameworthy, good or evil (Goodman, 1998). This essay will explore and compare two areas of ethical enquiries […]

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