Managerial and Professional Ethics

The article that would be analyzed in this paper is Information Technology Professionals’ Perceived Organizational Values and Managerial Eithics: An Empirical Study. The authors of the article include K. Gregory Jin, Ron Drozdenko, and Rick Basset. Notably, this article is called the Journal of Ethics and published by Springer in 2006. The key focus of […]

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The System of Ethics

Question 1 Mrs. Warren can ethically justify herself to Vivie by making her realize that she took the profession, not for self-interest, but because she had to make ends meet by giving her a good life and quality education. The profession of Mrs. Warren might have started due to the circumstances that did not offer […]

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The Conclusion of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

This paper deals with Aristotle’s argument on the identity between theoretical/contemplative activity and the highest human happiness, which Aristotle opposes to partial happiness derived from activities of ethical virtues. The author examines strengths and weaknesses of the Aristotelian view on the connection between contemplative life and happiness, offering the points of both agreement and disagreement […]

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The Analysis of Ethics in the 21 Century

Introduction Ethics is known as a field of philosophy that defines whether the behavior of the individuals shall be considered as right or wrong. Namely, this science elaborates the criterion which is applied to distinguish the types of socially acceptable and, therefore, “normal” demeanor of the individuals and socially unacceptable and, therefore, “deviating” demeanor of […]

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Philosophy – Ethics, Technology, and Engineering

Professional ethics has been a major concern in many countries as technical skills and competence are required to ensure quality production. Lots of lives have been lost due to noncompliance to the engineering code of ethics. All engineers owe a duty of care in their lines of duty. The society depends on their competence as […]

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Ethics of War

Michael Walzer in the book “Just and unjust wars: Amoral argument with historic illustration” examines the surrounding moral issues concerning different theories such as military theories and morality theories. In this way, he looks into the different conflicts from the historical period. He reminds the commentators that “the argument about war and justice is still […]

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Personal Ethics Issue

Personal ethics refers to what an individual considers right or wrong in his actions. Personal ethics is distinguished from business and legal ethics because they do not emanate from personal conscience, but their manipulation comes from the organizations. Personal ethics is crucial because it can affect the whole society or organization. Notably, one of the […]

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Ethics in America

The book, “ethics in America” is one of the books in the world that have tried to explore into the ethical issues that concern academic and the working fields as that of medicine, law, scientific research, business and the military concepts (Newton, 1989). It also involves the conflicts that surround these disciplines of work such […]

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Normative Ethics

Moral theories are majorly concerned with the way of dealing with the questions regarding life; nature of good and bad, right or wrong. There are four major ethical theories whose orientations are different . Their contribution in human life cannot be taken for granted. Firstly, there is the virtue ethics. Philosophers such as Plato, stoics […]

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Ethics Management at Cross-border Enterprise

In any business, there are challenges that the business faces. The management must establish these challenges and come up with strategies on how to counter them. Cross-border businesses are no exception. They are faced with challenges such as compliance with the rules and regulations of both countries. Decentralization could also lead to fraudulent activities. From […]

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