Ethics Project

As we have seen, Joe, Mary, and John (the CEO) are involved into an ethical issue. Each of them can easily become a decision-maker. Each of them can impact the process of ethical issue resolution. The problem is that not everyone in this conflict possesses full information; this is why not everyone can evaluate the […]

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Ethics Program

Man is always faced with situations that warrant his decisions daily. His ability to make the right decisions is necessarily determined by the knowledge he has about the issue(s) that warrants his decisions. The question is how will he get this kind of information?  This is one of the fundamental reasons for establishing an Ethics […]

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Ethics Portfolio

There are so many areas of life where ethics can be applied to. Prior to taking up this course, I was under the impression that as long as I am not doing any harm to anyone, whatever I do is acceptable. It is a pretty simplistic way of looking at the world and the way […]

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Ethical Theories: How it affects society

Ethics, from its Greek word, ethika or ethos which means custom or character, is a branch of philosophy that deals with human ethos or shall we say human conduct or character. Ethics is more concerned with the customs of the behaviors of human. In ethics, there are many theories it concerns with and two of […]

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Ethics of doing business in countries with totalitarian governments

Ethics of doing business in a country with totalitarian government is considered oppressive because business ethics are such that business houses do not feel that they are independent and have to constantly act under the pressure of the government. Not only this bribery and moving ahead through contacts is considered normal and there are very […]

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Ethics of Business Bluffing

A lot of controversy grows between many people on the ethical standards of business bluffing. At one point they argues, that this is a form of lie and deceit about a business phenomenon and therefore should never be accepted. On the extreme contrast, the other group argues that, this is important for business which is […]

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Analysis of Completed Ethics Awareness Inventory

An individual evaluates whether an act is right or wrong based on his/her perception of morality. This perception is generally shaped by family and cultural beliefs, education, and governmental constraints. However the beliefs acquired from the family in the process of growing up, the core values taught in schools, and the laws passed by government […]

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Ethics in the Workplace

“We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services. We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well. ” This is an excerpt from the credo of Johnson & […]

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Ethics in Media

Media ethics provides major principles and standards of broadcast media, journalism, film, theatre and the Internet. Ethics in media covers all controversial issues and debates as, for example, war journalism against Benetton advertising. Journalism tends to manipulate news, but ethical standards restrict actions which violate human rights and media ethical code. Media is restricted by […]

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Ethics in Media

Through the years, many things have happened and new technologies have appeared which have both raised questions regarding the ethical behavior of media. With the expanse, diversity and power that the media is now enjoying, it has hugged the limelight because of the increasing incidence of unethical behavior among the different kinds of media practitioners. […]

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