The Motives of Foreign Aid: Ethical or Rewarding

Foreign aid is defined as a form of assistance provided by rich, developed nations to poor, underdeveloped countries. There are many different types of assistance that can be provided, including educational, agricultural, technical, scientific and financial assistance. Individuals, governments, private organizations and businesses can all send foreign aid to Third World countries. This essay in […]

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Critically Compare The Use Of VIDe Decision Making Software

Ethics is concerned with the fundamental principles, norms or values which lie behind particular moral judgments (Campbell and Higgs, 1982). Ethical issues arise when someone wants to know what is right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate, praiseworthy or blameworthy, good or evil (Goodman, 1998). This essay will explore and compare two areas of ethical enquiries […]

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The Impact of Ethics on Decision-making

When speaking of the impact of ethics on decision-making, it is hard to pin point a subject to speak on. Ethics is tightly intertwined with decision-making in business today. Objectivity, impartiality, integrity, honesty, and ethical principles above private gain – These are high ideals to which to aspire, and a challenge to maintain. Ethics or […]

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Christian approaches to ethics and the broad ethical theories to which they relate

There are a number of ethical systems adopted by Christians today on deciding what is right or wrong? Which principles to follow in ethical dilemmas? etc. The bible remains the key source of guidance for these Christian groups, primarily the Ten Commandments, however some Christian ethical systems don’t hold as stern views on the Ten […]

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How far do you consider these views to be justified

Prescriptivism can be justified to some degree, as it provides universal rules for people to abide by. The strengths of prescriptivism are the universal principles available to people. The universal principles encourage people to follow one’s desires or needs, because the prescriptive values promote not only the person, but also others around them. In addition, […]

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Consequentialism and Consequentialists

Good and evil are two of the most over used words in the English language, as are the words right and wrong, and yet, these concept are not even fully understood. How can one differentiate between good and evil, or decide what is right and wrong? How is it possible to know whether one’s actions […]

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How might a moral relativist respond to the claim that people should always tell the truth

When the word “moral” is looked up in a dictionary, it gives the following definition – concerned with right or wrong conduct, a moral lesson or principle, a person’s moral habits. Moral relativism is along the same lines, as moral relativism is the theory that morality, or standards of right or wrong are culturally based […]

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How can you or your society decide ethically which knowledge should or should not be pursued

I strongly believe that our society and myself do believe that research into areas of knowledge should not be stopped because of all the ethical complications. Once the knowledge is revealed society will be able to create laws and regulations to help contain it if necessary. One of the ethical complications is that there are […]

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Ethical behavior is just as important as competence in the accounting and financial field

Financial Translations Four Corners article assist stakeholders with the understanding finance and financial statements, the four corners represent the four basics of financial statements. The first corner is the balance sheet, which is a statement of equity that includes assets, stockholders, and liabilities. The balance sheet must give an account of the total assets and […]

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Situation Ethics

Situation ethics can be summarised as a guide to show the most agape love in a particular situation. Joseph Fletcher was an Anglican Theologian and as he did, we must ask ourselves, how are we meant to go about life? If we look at Matthew 22:35, Jesus says, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. […]

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