Ethanol & Archer Daniels Midland

In 2007, Archer Daniels Midland began shifting increased resources towards the production of fuel. Frusaro (2007) notes that the Minnesota-based industrial agribusiness conglomerate doubled its capital spending to an estimated 1. 12 billion U. S. dollars. This increase is aimed towards new agricultural products which include, but are not limited to: plant-based plastics, sugar-based polymers, […]

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The Feasibility of Ripe Aratiles (Muntingia calabura) as a Source of Bioethanol

These days, the air pollution is very common. And one factor for this problem is the carbon emissions from the vehicles. Vehicles that use petrol or gas are a liquid mixture created from crude oil. It is true that using petrol, you can travel a hundred kilometer with a full tank, but it greatly affects […]

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Alcohol ruins one physically, morally, intellectually and economically

For number of people all over the world, Alcohol is a pleasurable drink; it gives boost to the man’s spirit; makes the man see the world beyond his dreams; and if we really follow these lines then first thing that comes in our mind is that alcohol is a virtue and drinking a pleasant experience.

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