The Features of Shorelines

More than half of the world’s population lives on or near coasts. Some like the soothing sound and smell of the sea. However, shorelines are constantly changing and being created. Coastal erosion occurs daily. Once material is eroded away from the shoreline, it may be carried offshore. Some shorelines are determined by the direction of […]

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Effects of Soil Errosion in the Philippines

Soil erosion is happening everywhere in this world. Especially near the water area and maybe it is happening below where we stand. One my grandparents told me, that one time when they were young a typhoon with its devastating rain hit manila. Because they were near river, because of the heavy rain without warning the […]

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Factors That Effect the Shape of a Coastline

Biological weathering is where the processes of living organisms, animals and plants, help to weather rocks to aid in the process of erosion. Examples of Biological weathering are tree roots growing and expanding through cracks in the rock, especially those which hold a lot of water within them, and the decomposition of dead animals and […]

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What is weathering and Erosion which also gives us the difference between these two types? Weathering is the breaking down of rocks and erosion is when rocks are being transported to different locations There are two types of weathering: Mechanical and Chemical What is mechanical weathering? Mechanical weathering is when many processes of weathering break […]

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